questionsdo you believe in commercial hangover cures?


I can't speak for any of the gimmicky hangover cure products that are advertised on TV or the internet, but prevention is the best cure for a hangover.

I eat something with meat and complex carbs before I get started drinking and make sure I drink water between alcoholic drinks. I also nibble throughout the evening to absorb the booze. Then I drink a liter of gatorade before bed and take a multivitamin. It works most of the time, unless I got really carried away with the drinking.


They strike me as a gimmick, although I've never tried them.


I've never actually tried a commercial cure, but from what I understand, they're all BS. The only way to deal with hangovers is to not get them in the first place (eat a bunch before drinking, consume water while drinking).

I did read somewhere that eating greasy food the morning after can help, but even then, you'll need to give it time.


+1 for the prevention. EAT DRINK EAT DRINK!


@scarabkafer: I follow a very similar regiment, although I've found that if I'm drinking Bloody Mary's food isn't as necessary; it's like salad in a glass. I also through in a few ibuprofen with the vitamin.

I agree with @yankeefan1087, staying hydrated definitely helps, alternating a big glass of water in with your drinking. Just tell people it's vodka. And greasy food is the best, once your stomach has settled.


If by commercial you mean the McDonalds Double Quarter pounder with cheese with a giant coke, then yes.


Food, food, food... I normally drink a lot of water anyway...
The Code Blue Product is supposed to be good, it is basically a Vitamin B Drink...


Drink Wingman works well. It was developed by a pharmacist and it's supposed to speed up the metabolism of alcohol and absorb most of the junk that causes the dehydration. All I know is I had some old college buddies that came back in town and we tore it up pretty good. The 4 of us that took it felt great the next morning, the two that didn't couldn't even get out of bed.