questionswould you care to say farewell?


See you on the next merry-go-round.
I won't try to change your mind, that's someone elses job.
Enjoy life.


I'll keep the porch light on, just in case.

Seriously, though, the traffic stats posted over in the forums were really interesting. (in case that doesn't work, it was posted by pha9992001)

That shows a three month average, and starting from May 27 (the day of the redesign), the effects are visible.

It's not just you.

I still hang around, and respond now and then, but even Deals has picked up the general malaise. I dunno. I suspect that it will just go on. Somewhere I saw a comment where it was pointed out that there's still room for at least one more woot site to fit in on that bar across the top. I'm curious, but only just a bit.

Ah, well. Everything changes. Everything.


My black triangle, which I've had forever it seems, changed to violet while I've been off having fun. It's happened in the past and I've busted my fanny to bring it back to black. This time, meh...que sera sera.


So long! I pretty much agree with you. Woot! has gone from something that I checked at 1 AM eastern to something I checked when I woke up but hung out to someplace that I check when I have time.

I've already stopped buying the shirts, for the reason posted above. Even posted a rant about it. Now, it's just too diluted.

Not going to stop checking the site, but it's not a priority. Checking the deals, but not posting, and discussing less often.

Same thing happened at Newegg with their daily deal (whatever it is called). As the number of daily deals increased, the stuff got less interesting to me.

Everything changes. Sometimes for the better, more often (it seems) leaving me griping about the "good ol' days." Just a sign that I am getting older, I guess.

Meh. Life. Who needs it anyway?

And who knew I joined Woot! back in '05? (Remember the Noughties?)


Funny, that Digg is back in the news. I was pretty active on Digg, back in the day when Kevin Rose was on the cover of Time and it was relevant. Then came Digg v4. It was pretty universally reviled by users, and liked only by the digerati (for various reasons, it was very useful to them, no so much the rest of us). They ignored their users, and their popularity dropped precipitously. What was left was sold last week for $500k.

I'm wondering if Woot is going on the same route. We are seeing more and more sites, yet fewer and fewer really compelling deals. The side deals (aka WootPlus) are usually no deals at all, and the main deals are both repetitive and not a huge cost savings.

Come on guys. We are trying to tell you all something. Please listen.


Until next time.... God's speed.


It might happen a bit more slowly, but I don't think many of us are too far behind you. My activity here is slowly but surely dropping off and I don't really see it picking back up.


@wilfbrim: I bailed on Digg years ago when it stopped being fun as well. Too hard to get to the articles I liked and too many a-holes with nothing better to do than flame comments.
They say you can't unring a bell. I think we'll find most of the changes to our beloved woot will remain. I can't fathom the current/future vision the current overlords have for woot is any where close to the stark simplicity that made it the fabulous site it was during the "salad days." More bells, more whistles, more carnies barking their wares.

@shrdlu: is correct as usual. Everything changes.


Well, @devexityspace, I could not agree more.

I thought my last post (which was not as gently worded and therefor deleted by staff) was my final post, but you hit the nail on the head, so here I am again.

So long, Woot!. Thanks for all the laughs.


I'm waiting for woot to sell fish somewhere so y'all could say, "So long, and thanks for all the fish!"


Happy trails,@devexityspace.

Will the last person out of Woot!, please turn off the lights? (I finally find a place I like, and they go and screw it all up)

Well, you haven't got rid of me yet, Woot! But you are losing a lot of good people.


@lavikinga: I think mine is still green. This is the first time in a couple of months I have done more than look at the sponsored deals. Hope you are well.


I'm pretty much waiting for something I can use my last Jumbowoot coupon on, then I think I'll join you. And with the random shirts today, I think I've found my last woot for a while.


Sad to see you go, but farewell!

I want to say that I wish you the best but it doesn't quite feel like it fits. Oh well. I wish you the best


One or two people posting that they are leaving every week means nothing to Amazon/woot!

Things change, most people don't like change.

I've given the woot! transformation some time now and I don't like what I've seen. It's just a little too much for me, it reminds me of most other sites now.

Will I stay up till 1am EST to see what is new, not anymore, I'll check it in the morning, Will I hover over my cpu all day during a woot! off, nope, I can get reduced electronics at hundreds of other sites.

Will I come to a complete stop? I'm ok for now, but if things get more out of control, I'll stop. I'll continue to vote on deals, post questions and answers and be part of the community.


@meh3884: It has a snowball effect. I am still engaged, but with fewer of the formerly active people staying active, there's just less to look at and talk about. When ya'll find the next Woot, kindly drop back in and throw a lifeline to those of us that aren't as web-savvy.


I've only been Wooting for 3 years (my WootAversary is in a few days), and only participating in DW for about a year, but I, too, am starting to curtail my participation. After reading devexityspace's post I assessed my recent involvement and realized that Woot is the LAST deal site I check each day, unless there is a WootOff. Even then, life is too full to waste so much time just waiting for deals that aren't really, well, deals. I'm not quitting yet, but definitely cutting back. All for the best, I guess. At least I'll finally get other things done, like housework and bill-paying.

Farewell, @devexityspace. I hope you pop in from time to time to check up on us. Perhaps someone at Amazon will listen and improve things around here and you will be enticed to join us again. Fingers are crossed!


@sand4me: Hello, dear! HOW are you?? I need to wander over to the sandbox to check on people. I've been away far too long.


@figgers3036: mmm, seafood.woot :)
@mkentosh: You'd think so, but not so much. Community people are sensitive creatures (okay, I am) and hate it when people leave.


I just haven't bought much lately. I really like Deals, if only for the occasional couple bucks of free music on Amazon.

I originally got into Woot for the shirts, but the designs (for my tastes and style) have really lagged behind other sites (TeeFury for example).


My activity is slowing too. I've got 68 woots, but only 2 this year, last one in March. Even with the JumboWoot coupon for $5 off, I'm not really seeing anything interesting in the sea of woots.

The woots used to be great deals in low quantity batches... Now a woot almost never sells out. I used to cuss when I'd get up in the morning, and see a great deal that sold out before I got up.

I've seen several people say that they don't think us old-time wooters will be missed. They pointed out that there's a new mentality of volume over quality. The old-timers who remember the old quality will be swept aside while they increase volume and profit.

I haven't given up on Woot yet, but it has lost luster, and each passing day I wonder why I came back again the next day, except that it's a 6 year habbit in my life that I'm not ready to give up yet.


My activity is definitely down the past few months. The more woot! sites there are, the less I'm buying, it seems, and the more likely I am to look to DW, just to check on real deals.

Hopefully, it'll be Au Revoir and not Farewell.


Like most others, I'm in the same boat. I didn't even pay attention to the last woot-off, because I knew the bulk of it was not going to be anything I needed/wanted.

Best of luck to you and anyone else that has left / is leaving soon. The magic of woot is definitely gone, at least deals.woot is still hanging on in usefulness.


The community dies a little more with every parting member ... :(

I'm not as active here as much as other members are, but even at shirt.woot, my activity and interest has definitely waned a lot in the past few months. I wasn't even excited about the randoms today ... and I usually buy at least 6.


It's a real shame what has occurred since the Amazon switch. Instead of coming and finding the non-mainstream products that work just as well for a much lower price point we are now just getting the same old main stream products thrown our way. 2 perfect examples 1) Ipod over Sansa 2)Monster Beats headphones constantly being sold. This site was populated by people that would make fine of someone with an Ipod and Beats headphones pointing to the massive savings they could have buying other combos that sound and perform better.

Throw in the seemingly constant print errors over at shirt it leaves little to purchase from Woot direct.

While I do enjoy both deals and local the way things are going they will loose their luster as the users that make this place interesting with good conversation and great deals leave and fine other ways to spend their time. I hope the trend is reversed because as its a site I enjoy and hate to seeing the current trends settle in.


I hate to be negative but, why do you feel the need to flame a community that you are leaving. If you no longer like the site, disappear.

Unfortunately this post comes off as a cry for attention, "Look at me and how important I am. So important that everyone should care that I'm leaving."

With that said, embrace change and make it what you want. If it's no longer what you're looking for, find something new.


I agree with your observations.

Also, I found out the public statements of dissatisfaction on Woot are lost like farts in a windstorm.


Take care of yourself, devexityspace.

Stop back once in awhile and say hello? We understand if you're not digging on the deals, but we're always happy to have a friend drop by now and then.


@devexityspace: if you stick around, i personally will make a cake and send it to you.


No sense in saying farewell. You can fade gradually like the rest of us....


@mkentosh: I agree we used to 'stay up to midnight' then it when we happened to be up at midnight 'hey it is almost midnight lets check woot'.
Now meh.
Deals in the morning and at lunch, after work.before bed. Sometimes I do not even see what is on woot or the other.woot sites.


@pemberducky: Um I'll stick around for cake...


haha, I love the cake offer. That better be a woot podcast in a few weeks :)


I do have to agree with one point though, my first woot was a zune (not brown, the black. Please, I have SOME dignity). I never would have bought an ipod because I have a severe distaste for all things Apple, and the zune was a very solid piece of hardware (That's the reason I have a zune HD still, not an apple thing, for running). If it wasn't zune, it would have been a sansa.

So maybe this is a general question out to the staff, are y'all still hatching products like that? Ones that work just as well as the expensive branded things, but are more reasonably priced? Or have a bit lesser functionality, but make up for it in savings? I could see myself getting giddily excited again for something like that. There are only so many times I pass on expensive projectors before I stop looking at sellout, for example...


I've said it before and I'll say it again -- this has become a classic case of brand dilution. The original treasure-hunt and gamified site is pretty well gone. While one might argue that's superfluous, fact is that the core users of the site supplied much of the key content.

So, as they say, "I warned you. But did you listen? Oh, no, you KNEW, didn't you? It's just a harmless little bunny, isn't it?"

Or: "Woot... there it went."


I picked my first tomatoes from my garden, today. Right now, I'm enjoying a bacon and tomato sandwich and reading all of the reponses. @bogie21, I see no flaming by @devexityspace. I just sense a great deal of sadness. Most of us are feeling that way. I will miss you devexityspace. Please come back and see us.

I often wonder how the staff is doing with all of these changes. They can't come here and express how they are really feeling. Do they want to say, "It sucks here!" or, The sky is falling!"? We are lucky that we can come here and say such things.

Thank you, wooters and staff. I like it here. I'm going to hang around as long as I can, or at least until I finish my sandwich.

Edit: I am NOT happy with the changes at Woot! prime.


While I agree that Woot has lost it's soul, it is facing the problem of a lack of options. In reference to the Apple, Zune, Sansa battle; the iPod won out. Zunes are not made anymore and I'm really not sure if Sansa is either, at least with enough to fill a Woot sale. Woot could also be a victim of the economy, product companies are already slicing to the bone so the deals will not be that good on a resale site.

However though, I still have a sour taste in my mouth from being mislead on the shirts as well as the hundreds of items that are being sold here every day. I mean come on, $95 wall art? Woot is not what it was but I personally do not think Woot knows what it is so it has become nothing. Perhaps if Woot got it's direction back, for better or worse, then it would have something. Trying to do everything and nothing is not working out.


Goodbye sir/madam/robot overlord. With your leaving this world of Woot, I wish you all the best and salute you. Take your choice of or just Either way, the best of luck to you in all your future endeavors and know that if you ever wish to return, you're always welcome in my book. Now please go, before I start to cry.


Oh Woot. Why for you must be like this? Think of the children.

So sad. This, too, shall pass.


i still check Woot, but i don't really care for it since the update. I liked the one deal a day mantra, but now its just another site to buy stuff from. Oh well, i guess thats more profitable.


i'll tell you like my grandma told me:
"bye now, come back when you can't stay so long!"
"glad you got to see me!"


See ya 'round. I won't hold it against you if you show up now-and-then later on.
Have fun.
If you find somewhere better, send some smoke signals.


@devexityspace: I am sad that you're leaving. Do understand why, and agree w/your reasons. The Exit sign over the door is well lit. Seems many see that now. :-(


@pamfenway: Don't worry he just wanted to let @devexityspace know he made the correct decision to leave....... I mean a company loosing long time customers is never a bad thing right?


@devexityspace: You make very valid points, and your presence will be missed by a lot of us. Thanks for your service in our armed forces. Godspeed.