questionsdid the easter bunny come to your house this year?


Probably arriving later, but just bringing chocolate.

My great grandfather used to get out his gun the night before and tell my mom he was going to shoot the Easter bunny for stew. Ah, fun family traditions.


The Easter bunny is coming later today and he's bringing Papa John's half price pizza!


The Easter bunny stopped by my house. My 8 year old and my 5 year old woke up at about 4 AM and found their baskets and.... unbeknownst to us re-hid my three year old's! The search with him was interesting this morning because we couldn't let on that we knew that they had moved it.

Each kid's basket held a toy (Monster High doll, Spinning Ninjago Lego thing and Moon in my Room, respectively) a couple of books and a chocolate bunny.


From the piles of "bunny eggs" in my yard, I would have to say Yes.


I have a year-round easter bunny who left lots of little brown eggs to discover this morning.


The Easter Bunny has been coming to my house for so many years now. My kids are so far apart in age, as soon as one is too old there is another one just starting. 2 three year olds this year!! We're about to do the egg hunt now!!


@adadavis: @samstag: Yeah. Besides "those" presents, the other gift we receive is a stripped garden.


No, and I'm pissed. I searched the apartment this morning for over an hour and didn't find any eggs except the ones my roommates have in the fridge :(


No, what a jerk. All I got was my silly kittens who didn't eat their breakfast and seemed oddly satisfied this morning....WAIT A SECOND


@narfcake: That's convenient. I have a black thumb, so I have to go to the store for salad for mine.

My full time easter bunny with one of the outdoor locals.


He sure did.. And he really likes us.. He leaves eggs with money inside. Little Man made out!


Yes. Also I am 19 years old.


No Easter bunny...but we are having an Easter egg hunt. Our family is at a funny age where the grandchildren are getting married but don't have kids yet. My hillarious cousin and sister talked our grandma and parents to do an Easter egg hunt for us before it's too late and we never get to experience that child/parent bond in the same way any more. So fun hahaha


SHHHHHHHH! Be vewy, vewy quiet...I'm hunting wabbit!


I live in a fairly sized city of somewhere around 300k people. In 20 years, I have never seen a rabbit in my yard. This morning, Easter Sunday of all days, there was a random bunny in my yard, for no apparent reason. I woke my daughter up and we went out and fed it and pet it. It was obviously someone's pet bunny that got loose, it was far too comfortable around humans.


We did an easter egg hunt yesterday. It was funny because one of my boys kept saying we were going on an easter bunny hunt. Today they each got a basket with a little bit of candy and there were 3 big wheels outside waiting for them. We already had trikes and stuff for them, but we couldn't handle the fighting, so each got big wheel and they're all the same one. Hopefully that makes for a happy easter.


Yes!! He came by!! Left us mini bottles instead of eggs!! We all had a basket with some chocolate stuff but in the yard we got to go on a liquor hunt. Rule of the hunt was you had to drink your first bottles...and few more during the hunt. Steaks and shrimp on the grill, the Masters and kids all over the age of 21 makes for a Happy Easter family gathering.

Still have a few more bottles left in the basket..Gotta love the bunny....