questionsoutdated usernames, do-overs allowed?


uuuummmm.... computers werent around when i was in gradeschool, at least not for most people. everytime you create a new account with a different company it ask for username so what's to stops you from picking a new name? and for the people with multiple accounts (some people do do that you know) do you think they all have similar names?


I deliberately choose a different username for each new site/forum so that it's harder to track me across the web. One exception is a forum that migrated en masse from one site to another and I kept the same username from one to the other, and the other exception is my woot/teetrade username because I use the latter to trade shirts with members of the former.


I have used a handful of handles, but nowadays my current name is almost always available inless I cannot use numbers... then I just butcher my user name ;)

I do actively use my e-mail account that was created like.... 7-8 years ago during the good old days of dial-up internet, back then we had Net Zero.

That being said, you could probably find tidbits of info about me around the internet if you could dig up one of my earlier handles. Though having said that.... I don't have a single penny to my name.


do whatever you want. Kinda pointless question.


@kamikazeken: You're right, cause the other questions we ask are solving world peace, and, you know, wondering if the ab rocket will be the worst deal ever :)


@packman711: Could you please clarify your question? Most of the responses seem to be centered around the possibility of starting anew with a different handle.

On reading your question, I presumed you were asking about the concept of keeping your status (reputation, posted deals, comments, etc.) but changing your username to something you feel is currently more fitting. Perhaps, something like ebay's "ID History" where you can change your name, but keep your good rep.


I changed my screen name right right when I started high school- my high school being PVI. At the time I thought it was the funniest thing ever because our football team had a 15 year losing streak. It wasn't quite as funny 2 years later when the team went to some kind of championship but I kept it anyway. I use it for everything- email, xbox, ps3, etc. I tried making new ones before but it's always taken. I just use the same thing because I know no one else has it and I don't have to add any numbers. The only exception is eBay. I am really curious who got there first and stole my username.


@gionot: That's what I think the original question is: can you change your username but retain everything else (purchase history, reputation, etc.)

As such, I think it's a legitimate question. I seem to recall that woot won't let you do that, but it's worth an email to service at woot dot com to ask. They're nice folks and will give you a straight answer rather than us just guessing. After all, the policy could have changed.


@rhmurphy: I agree and ask that any official response to this be posted here. I would like to keep my order history, rep, black triangle, etc., but need to change my username to something less recognizable at work, due to some politics.


I'm with you @packman711: I picked this Woot handle in 2004. I remember that at some point, LiveJournal let users buy new handles. I'd be up for that. I don't feel like shutting down all of my accounts and recreating all of my usernames.. It'd be nice just to swap out my username w/our having to create an entirely new account.


Is there something wrong with capguncowboy? I've been rocking this name since I was in High School and I still like it. I feel like it's original AND it's cooler than yours :)


I've had my handle since the late 80's when I began dialing up the BBS(es). Felt no reason to change.

Which reminds me, I need to check to see if 'Legend of the Red Dragon' has been reset for the next round.


You don't need a do-over when you do it this well the first time.


I am sure a higher power from management will be along, but you cannot change your handle and keep your purchase history, rep., etc. You will still appear under your old handle when searched unless you would ask for it to be deleted (which I imagine could be done). You, in essence, can reinvent yourself and start all over again. Wouldn't that be wonderful in real life?


@klozitshoper: Only if I get to be 10 again. Otherwise I'll stick with what I've got.


@lotsofgoats: ...says the guy called "lotsofgoats."


why thank you, fine sir


The answer, sadly, is no. I'll try to find the question where this was first asked, and the answer to it, also. @snapster is the one who provided the answer, so I'd say that's about as definitive as you can get.

I'll be back in a bit (let's see if I can beat the five minute edit window).

[Edit] Hah! Just made it. Here's the question:

Here's a user's response, after Matt said it would work.

There's other questions out there that also deal with this, but this is (I believe) the first time out.


How about a username with a car you drove 3 cars ago?


@firebirdude: LOL I would be @S10guy
Oh now I'm getting nostalgic about my old S10. Miss that girl. I could actually change the spark plugs back then.


I wish they were. I'm still happy with my name on woot, but on other sites and on PSN, I've got a very high school username. It was cool then, because it was based on a couple of songs from one of my favorite bands at the time, but now I realize it's pretty darn lame out of context. And it's not like I can go around to everyone explaining it. But so it goes, really. I'd totally change it if I could, but it doesn't bother me that much.


@belyndag: LOL! I'm slow today. Took me a minute.

P.S. I think I drove that same car!


Here is the reply I received a few weeks ago from asking this very question;

"Unfortunately, once you select your User ID during the account registration process, it is not possible to have it changed at a later date. You could potentially register a new account under a different email address, but we would not be able to transfer your account details and order history to the new account.

We apologize for the inconvenience.



@mlsapack: (Sigh) I guess I need to register a new name just so I can answer some questions honestly without fear of reprisal at work. Bah!


@belyndag: My thoughts exactly! Not to mention the possiblity of a BOC being snatched from my doorstep by some ne'er-do-well.


@packman711: I thought you name was new and therefor a hipster name.


Ooh! Oooh! Ooh! Better idea!! Open ID!


My user ID I have been rocking since I was 13, so for almost 14 years now.

I do have an alternate one I use for gaming but this ID I'm rather fond of. We have had some good times together. :)


What do you mean by outdated?


The username I most frequently use dates back to 1978, when it was the name of my first Dungeons and Dragons character. The name I use here is not that old. In 1978, even Starbucks didn't sell espresso yet, so I doubt many americans would even have known what a quadconpana was.