questionswhich do you prefer, physical copy or download?


Physical copy since computers can be hacked and terms of service can change.


CD or Vinyl are better quality sound when compared to most Mp3 formats.


Buy it from Amazon on CD. If the album is eligible, you get the MP3 version automatically in their cloud service. You can download from there anytime. I bought a CD Monday night, got the MP3 version and downloaded it. The CD arrived yesterday. Worked great.

Note: Not all CD's are eligible for Auto-Rip. You'll have to check on the one you want.


physical copy. Then I can select whichever quality/format for digital playback, and I've always got the physical copy as backup.


Physical, though I'll get digital if it's super cheap of free


I would lean toward vinyl, but they want $40 when the download is $12 and the CD is $13.


@klynb: The Vinyl is $33.68 on Amazon. From what I can tell that includes a code for digital download. Best of both worlds?


Download has to be substantially cheaper for me to choose over a physical copy. If I have the CD, I can rip all the MP3s I want for free.


Physical copy, I don't feel like I got my monies worth, unless I get something tangible.


I prefer download. It is generally cheaper (I bet the album you want will be $3.99 on Amazon sometime soon) and for the life of me, I can't seem to keep CD's from getting scratched. No matter how careful I am, they get scratches in them. I keep my mp3's on my home computer, on my work computer and many of them are burned to CD-R's that I play in my car (until they get scratched). So, I'm not really likely to actually lose anything. So, while Amazon may not let me re-download the mp3's that I've purchased, I'll likely still have them. And, another bonus to downloading is less crap to store (though CD's are pretty easy to store).


Download. Hate dealing w physical CDs. Buy cheap from Amazon or Google. Then use freeGoogle match and Google will give you a free higher quality rip version, if you bought from Amazon.


I usually go looking on ebay. Sometimes even shortly after a new release, you can get a like new CD much cheaper( yeah, I add in the ship) than buying new or downloading. I have never had a problem with any CD purchased .
I have also purchased some fine vinyl on ebay. Old stuff that I can't find easily in local garage sale.

That said, I have a boatload of ITunes gift certificates to use up. I never use 'em cause I find what I want cheaper elsewhere. Got to think of it as free and go for it !
I always burn a copy right off as back up, so I end up with a disc anyways. Except when I get single songs. Then they are only on my back up drive. I guess they are on/in the cloud too.


@f00l: Thanks for the tip. I didn't know that !


Honestly I get about 99% of my music digitally, typically through Amazon since it is DRM free and I can use the cloud streaming. Now that they offer the free MP3 auto rip I will get which ever is cheapest.


Physical copy unless I can get it the digital with NO DRM at the same quality or better than the physical. I do not buy mp3s from amazon or iTunes. I do get music from bandcamp and opt for the flac download.