questionsknight flight batman lifespan.


@wootbot brings home the Bags of Crap sometimes. I have wondered if I should report him but I enjoy the knick knacks inside.

We got this one time in the B.O.C.


Yeah, that's pretty much why they got relegated to the BOCs.


I got one of those too. I've been having loads of fun with it! My problem is mainly that the thing kills batteries like nobody's business, because it uses the transmitter batteries to charge the motor batter instead of using a wall plug. I haven't had any bad crashes, but then again I do have some R/C experience.


I just got mine today I love it. I plan on playing with it 2 times (battery drains) and then I will let the kids\wife have a shot at it.
When I first got mine right off the bat the thing would spin like mad. After messing with it I found it was the top counter spinning blade was not spinning as fast as it should be.

To fix the spinning out of control:
1. Very small Philips head screw driver and loosened the screw.
2. Pulled out the blade the flat side of the pin is where the screw should be pressing on.
3. Line the flat side up and pressed firmly while screwing until contact is felt.
4. I turned it on in hand the top blade should spin very fast and the batman should not want to spin out if my grasp.
5. Test
6. Repeat the steps every once in a while.

Note: I almost modified this because I got tired of fixing it, but I realized it is a safety feature to keep the thing from snapping blades.

Disclaimer: wear chain mail and a fencing mask for protection.


I got this in my BoC as well, its awesome! I intend on harassing my coworkers with my new toy tomorrow.


@gluonconcerto: Ive got plenty of R/C experience myself. I love buying the helicopters. My problem was that I wasnt sure how it would handle trying to fly under a fan... it failed.


When I say " loosened the screw" you may ask which screw?
Under the top rotor but above the bottom rotor and above the short balance? rotor.
The screw is small and horizontal.

The blades if properly tightened will move together in opposite directions with no slack.