questionsare you disappointed with the woot! off already?


In my opinion, woot-offs have been overall disappointing for the past couple of years. They are essentially selling the same items at the same price they were selling them a couple weeks ago. Woot-offs back in the day used to have at least a decent mark down from the original woot price. I did purchase the Klipsch 5 speaker set for my dad but I'm not sure how much more I will be purchasing. If I didn't purchase the item on the first go around, its highly unlikely that I'll go ahead and purchase them now.

As for the BOC, being as "random" as they are, it wouldn't surprise me either way if they sold them again or not. My only BOC experience was simply put, terrible. (only got 2 items, emailed a replacement. Got the same two items again...gave up) So I'm not at all going out of my way to try and score one.

My two cents.


I'll be disappointed if there is no posting from @inkycatz and @pemberducky during the wootoff


@lichme: Well, I know I've already got a post-woot-off game in mind if that helps? :)


@inkycatz: No woot off games twice in a row? Sad panda is sad

Sad Panda


@lichme: I make no excuses, but I'm sure each of us will have some games coming up sprinkled through out the day. ;)

I know, I otter apologize.