questionswhat charcoal grill do you recommend?


I have one of those charcoal grills that's shaped like a sideways barrel, with red oak platforms in front and on the side, a smokestack and a thermometer. It will hold like 10 steaks at a time. I have used it for many years, had probably 5-10 big cookouts every year where we cooked for 20+ people. This is it, and you can see it's very well reviewed:|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_qty_sales_dollar|1&facetInfo=

When cooking for my friend and me we just put a few briquets on one side, but when I am having a party it's big enough to cook for twenty people in a couple of batches. Grilled corn and grilled veggie skewers are delicious, so I think your vegan wife is going to get some use out of it too.


If you are just cooking a little meat for yourself, why not just get a hibachi or a small foldable/travel grill. They are cheap enough to replace when they get rusty from being outside all the time, and generally you won't need more than 6-8 briquets to cook a steak. And you can take them camping or picnicking.


I swear by weber. Had my first one for 15 years, just replaced the grate every few years. We live in Florida, where it is always grilling weather and it got hard use. Gave it to the guy who bought the house, and it was still in great shape, always replaced the cover every year though, and it lived outside just fine. I bought another one, and have had it for 10 years too now.

My girlfriend has a small weber, she stores on her balcony, in a small metal garbage can. She stores the charcoal in the bottom, the grill fits inside for storage, and she tops it with a wooden table round and a cute vinyl tablecloth so it functions as a table,when not in use.

But keep in mind a lot vegatarian stuff is really good on the grill, there are several books devoted to that, so I would still recommend at least an 18" surface. Well, I gotta go grill some portabellas now!


I've had this one for about 2 and a half years, being used about twice a month, and it's still going strong with no noticible rust. Works well for 2 people but the food will smother out the coals if you try to cook for any more than 2. Since you are just cooking for yourself it should be fine, unless you want one of those 52oz steaks or something.

It has exceeded my expectations for a small cheap grill and I've been happy with it.


Not a terribly large grill (although there are 2 off 'em), but a Brinkmanmn Smoker is really versatile.


I'd say go with the Weber, but a charcoal grill for just one is kind of tough: you are going to end up wasting a great deal of charcoal. Maybe just get one of the smaller Webers and let it go at that.


Thanks for all the replies.

I've considered one of those egg shaped, insulated grills but now I'm really leaning towards a Weber. The little Smokey Joe is too small but the $99 one is about right. I'm wondering if the $50 ash catcher is worth the money.

I'm going to check around and see who has it on sale.


After looking at every charcoal grill for sale in my town, I bought a Webber with the ash catcher. There wasn't anything available that compared in quality except those that cost at least twice as much.