questionsriddle me this. why does think that all…


because anything the over 4 crowd would want would be wanted to play with by their parents and can/is featured elsewhere (when it can be found).


It seems that the woot employees have young kids. They tend to be young themselves.


@dontwantaname: That makes some sense. It would sure be awesome to find an occasional great deal for my two tweeners...especially with Christmas right around the corner.


Maybe it's the average age of Wooters?


Teens aren't "kids". Granted, it would be nice to see more products for the 8-12 set on kids.woot...


And now for the capitalist view:
Parents spend lots more money on non-essential geegaws for pre-school aged children than they do once the kids enter school.

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I've been wondering the same thing. Even if you go on the assumption @tsfisch has that teens aren't kids (I disagree, but maybe that's because my teen is only 14), 2/3 of my children classify as kids (9 and 12). They have been able to use a few things on kids.woot, but woot is ignoring a market, imho. I'd love to see products for the bigger kids.


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@chellemonkey: Or maybe more targeted plus sales!


I may or may not check out kids.woot regularly
I may or may not have children
I may or may not consider myself a kid at heart
I have yet to make a purchase from kids.woot


I am also kids dot woot purchaseless. I think I've bought from all the other sites.