questionsdo you think you should get a explanation…


It would be nice, however the amount of time that it would take vs the amount of deals that get removed is probably unreasonable. I would much rather see an official set of posted rules as a reference.


From a programmer's standpoint, I couldn't see it being terribly difficult to implement given that there were more tattle categories than duplicate, expired, and other. Get enough, let's say, "Malicious content" tattles, you get a notice about that.

If you self-tattled (like I did recently over a duplicate post), I think it could be assumed that you know the problem.


I can see it being a bit much for them to even send a canned "your deal was deleted because of X" message to everyone and anyone whose deal gets deleted.
Most questions I've seen posed about reasons for specific deals being axed have eventually been answered by staff as they find time though, so at least they're trying to communicate when and where they are able.

Posted rules would indeed be nice!


Anybody keeping track of how many times this question or a close variant has been asked in the last year?


Yes, but I also don't want to pay for more employees to do such a task through elevated prices.

Fact is mods delete a F ton of deals every day, and to provide an explanation would greatly slow down the process.


@magic cave:

(No, but we do empower folks with search and encourage people to look it up if they're curious.)

As to the OP: Specific details about the deal in question would probably get you a better answer than a series of generalities. There are also many posts by community and staff (available through search) that discuss this sort of info (and often!).


@inkycatz: If there are frequent discussions on this topic, then why is there not a specific set of rules posted? It's all just confusing is the point i'm trying to make.


@dillydally: this is why the mods encourage when a tattle is made to post a comment. if you tattle you should leave a comment on the deal saying you tattled and why.


@dillydally: I agree. Surely the mods are using something to go by when deleting deals. Why not share this with the rest of us? As it is, it's a post and see what happens kinda thing and you learn as you go. One time I posted a deal on personal lube and it was deleted. I had no idea it wasn't allowed since there are lingerie and condom deals to be found, I didn't see how it was any different. Very confusing.


Same here. I posted a deal about the AMC one a few weeks ago.

Got hundreds of votes on that. Went away for the weekend. It's now gone. Did a search, and someone else posted it with the exact copy-and-paste of my post.