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We don't really celebrate St Valentine's Day anymore; everything is so expensive. Plus I'm married so being impressive and spending loads of money I don't have isn’t necessary.

But since you asked, we're using tonight as an excuse to a eat dinner at a new restaurant in our area, it's pretty upscale & pricey so its not a place we would typically visit. My wife made the reservation in her name and is "paying" just so we can have a little fun when the waiter brings me the bill.


Doing something special doesn't have to be expensive. Take the day off work to randomly pop by her work to tell her how much you love her means a lot. Bring flowers and dinner reservations. Not much different than what most people give for Valentine's Day, but she'll be surprised to see you at her work and it'll make all the difference.

I also found a company that makes any picture into a jigsaw puzzle. Limitless cute possibilities there. :-)

All in all, you don't have to do much on Valentine's Day. Compared to birthdays/Christmas, it's not so much the gift as it is your actions.


This is our 16th Valentine's Day, including two before we married, and it's always been fairly low key for us. Cards exchanged (often three or four each), usually some small gifts (he got me a new bottle of perfume in a scent he loves on me and a box of chocolate truffles, I got him a "Trophy Husband" t-shirt), and dinner in.

We're off today and he's sleeping in, so he hasn't seen the Trophy Husband shirt yet, but it's perfect for him. He's the kindest, most giving, steadfast man I've ever met. :::laughing::: What a pair of old married folks we've become!


@eraten: Those are lovely plans and fit my definition of "celebration" perfectly. I hope you have a wonderful evening!


We are kind of boring and traditional here. The Princess and I get flowers, Himself and The Boy get chocolates and a gift card. And Himself and I are making dinner.


I'm doing for Valentine's Day what I do for every Valentine's Day:

Turning out the lights, lying in a luke-warm bath, drinking a magnum of red and crying myself to sleep.


I am going to take a single flower from every desk, put it in a giant bouquet and give it to wife.
The way I see it, no one will notice a single flower missing, but my wife will sure notice the giant bouquet.


We're lazy traditionalists :) We exchange cards and then go about our day. But really, we're sappy all the time, so we don't go all out on Valentine's or anniversaries. (Though for our wedding anniversary, we take the chance to go eat at our favorite restaurant.)


I am kidding but that is how my mind works.