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I work for's Customer Care Department and would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our program. offers its members Cash Back rebates on their shipping charges as well as Instant Freeshipping when shopping through Instant Websites. In this case, there is no rebate required and the shipping will come off in the cart.

If we can answer any questions about how the program works, please call us toll-free at 800-869-5597 or email us at and one of our supervisors will assist you.

Thank you and have a great day!

Jessica Customer Service


@jessica345: Thanks for offering to answer some of the questions.

I read about some of the complaints so I'll base my questions on those.

What is the cost of your service and why are people upset about being charged unexpectedly?

Do you really get cash back? Some complaints said you get vouchers for additional free shipping. Apparently this is because you only get 12 free shippings per site.


I have never heard of them, nor do I ever see them listed on any of their "merchant's" websites.

However, I have seen ShopRunner at many websites including Newegg, Toys R Us, Radio Shack, etc. So if you're looking for a free multi-website shipping service I'd look into ShopRunner -


@jessica345: So how much does it cost per month?

ShopRunner clearly specifies this in their FAQs, whereas your website doesn't.



Sounds like a scam/spam, and did you notice "Jessica" just joined on 11/22/11 to answer this question with a form letter.

/How convenient that she just so happened to see the OP's question
//Reads too much scam/spam email just to stay on top of the most recent tricks
///you can never be too skeptical on the intertubes



It looks like there are a bunch of questions in this thread so let me try to address as many as I can. There will be a few different posts due to the character limitation.

First, sorry I came off as writing a form letter in my last response. Usually I suggest just giving us a call because I feel that I’m a better communicator in a conversation rather than on a forum, so I assume other people are as well. I’m trying to work on that :-) There are so many review websites out there, so it’s hard to keep track of all of them. I noticed this post and joined Woot yesterday so that I could reach out to you about your questions.


Our pricing is on our registration page for your review before entering any payment information. You may cancel at any time during the 30 day review and your card won’t be charged. After the 30 days, it’s just $12.97 per month and we have a no-questions-asked cancellation policy. Here are a couple of screenshots:

We’ve been in business for over 10 years and maintain an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau:


As with any large company, there will always be customer complaints and we strive to answer those questions and improve our service – we actually just redesigned our website this month and incorporated lots of customer-service related upgrades.

We achieved our A rating at the BBB because we’ve resolved pretty much every issue that’s come up over the past decade and we’re really proud of that! I can’t really comment on the Baron and Budd thing, but regarding the links posted above, the biggest thing people get confused about is our billing name “IC *FREESHIPPING.COM” showing up on credit card statements and we’re constantly trying new ways to clarify this in our welcome emails and member pages.

Anyway I’m sure I missed a few questions so please give us a call anytime at 800-869-5597 and we’ll spend as much time as we need to clarify things before you decide whether to give our service a try.

Jessica Customer Service


@thegunslinger1: If you are inferring that I am in any way affiliated with, you are mistaken. They must be very active in the monitoring the intarwebs.


I have used it for over a half a year and have received over $500 in cash back and rebates


I signed up for a special offer they had with ProPlants in January 2016: 1 free month + $15 rebate after completely lengthy form on their website + rebate for cost of shipping. I completed the forms on their website, then tried to submit but the forms which gave error messages. I did a screen print and emailed them. Response: will process my rebates in 3 - 6 weeks. I also made a purchase which qualified for 10% discount. They do show that they owe me $2.70 2/22/16. they will be sending a check after April 15: June 23 and no check. 5 months since my initial rebates were to be processed, and no refund, never listed my account as having a credit, and never sent me any communications. In the meantime, while I waited, they charged $12.97 to my account for Feb - July, so I have spent $77.82 to save $32.70 which I have not received. In short, don't use them unless you are very good at following up, cancelling, never get busy and never forget. It's much cheaper to pay shipping!!!