questionshow do you find all the duplicate deals?


My secrets:
A: My memory... I saw it a month ago and I remember it.
B: "Similar deals/questions" on the right of the screen you are currently seeing.


Same as @jsoko. That, and too much time on deals.woot.


Plus you can always search for a keyword in the deal then look to see if there's another with the price and site matched.


Do at least two searches -

- one on the site that you want to post from
- at least one on a keyword of the item you want to post

In your duplicate deal a simple search on "skil" found the first post.


Just posted my problems w/dup deals & searching on another (unrelated) question. In the past week, I have searched in every way possible (by product title -as shown on the site, site name, item - brand name, etc.) & ended up posting 4 dups. Can not think of what more I can do. In each dup situation, no suggested dup items appeared anywhere. Very frustrating and embarassing.

I 'find' dup deals from memory. That's if I've been browsing fresh deals & remember the item. Obviously, that didn't work for the dups I posted. Added note: I think there's a problem w/the search function on the fresh side of deals. I've seen a bunch of dups recently - 1 posted w/i 15 minutes after the 1st posting.


you just need to learn to refine your searches.
"Light Saber" could be "lightsaber" or "Light saber"
then search for the vendor.
if nothing, then try one of the other words related, so for this deal:
"lightsaber" (one word) works
"light saber" does NOT work
"amazon star wars" also DOES work.
"lightsaber" and light saber" BOTH work for this deal

just search the obvious first, and then get creative for additional searches


@kamikazeken: I hear what you're saying, but it reaches a point where it's not worth the effort and time to search all possible word spellings, combinations, etc.. In the mean time, someone else has posted the deal. And you don't find that one in the search either!


People could be nice and post proper tags that they know people would use to search for the item in the first place. I think having a 3 tag requirement would help a lot here.


I make full use of my eidetic memory. That and if I search, I then sort the results by "most recent" and look back a few months or about 2 pages


@sadsephiroth: Could not agree more. The tag should include the site, product manufacturer and a one word description of the product at minimum.