questionshow can i get internet for a phone i get it by…


I would think that internet on your phone would be the last of your worries.

If you need access to the internet try the library or the Workforce Commission where you live. In Texas, the Workforce Commission had places called WorkSource for people to go and find work, fax/email/mail resumes, etc... I do not know what they are called now, but the places still exist. Also, your local schools often have computer labs for adults after school.


Sounds like instead you need a better paying job!

I'd suggest applying for grants/scholarships to go to school to improve your prospects if that's the issue, otherwise try looking into the local labor agency through your government. A staffing firm like Manpower can get you something temporary to make ends meet while you look for something permanent.

It doesn't sound like you need a data plan. It sounds like you need a better income.


You can load a static copy onto your phone using the Irwin Fletcher method, but it won’t be easy. You'll need a TRS-80 with 5 1/4" floppy drive, some ball bearings, a RS-232 cable and a Fetzer valve. Once you have those go to, they have the copy you’ll need to upload to your phone. Once it finishes downloading just follow the instructions.


@red13red26: I just downloaded the internet onto my phone using your recommended site. It only took 253 years, 3 months, 5 days, 14 hours, 46 minutes and 13 seconds

So long ISP!


If the phone is a smart phone and activated...turn it on, hit browser. If not a smart phone, no internet. If not activated, activate. If the internet is blocked because you were given what amounts to a free phone through food stamps and you are complaining...shame on you.


I don't understand - you have a phone and you want to trade it for the Internet?

I don't think Al Gore is currently planning to sell the Internet, but you could try asking him.


@red13red26: Don't forget to update the eigenvectors to compensate for time dilation. That's one of the biggest reasons that you sometimes can see posts from the future on the internet, people always forget about the eigenvectors.

John Bigbooté


Have you tried turning it off and then on again?


Don't you need a flux capacitor to do that?


The problem is that your phone is under-powered. It was probably crippled on purpose. If the charging cable that you use has a large boxy thing on the end, then there's your problem.

You'll need to bypass the restrictor box and plug directly into the wall if you want good internet. You can cut the restrictor box off the cable, expose some of the wiring, and push the wiring into the wall outlet (black goes on the wider blade). To make it more permanent, you will probably have to sacrifice a cord to something else and splice the wires together to make it work. If you have access to an electric stove or dryer outlet, splicing into those would give you much more power.


Sorry, the internet does not accept food stamps at this time. Try again later...


So, while I'm pretty sure this is just a troll (you can't be serious, right?), just incase you aren't, save up some money, get a decent pre-paid from tmobile and get the $15 text plan. if the phone you get is internet capable, you can use wifi for all your internet stuff and you can use wifi calling so you won't have to pay the 10 cents a minute.
But really, unless you plan on using the internet on the phone to help get a job or a better one, or something useful, do someone of more need a favor and take yourself off the free cellphone or foodstamps all together. If you are allowed to keep the cellphone and replace it's sim card, then if you get a new phone, pay it forward and give the phone to someone in need.
I used to get GPA and since my mental health was spiraling downward I really needed it. Now that I am better off financially (though not the greatest) I don't forget what it's like to be where I was and what would have happened if people who didn't need it bled the program dry.