questionswho keeps posting and voting for the spice deals?


They exist. I am a spice addict (although not currently needing anything). I've probably purchased something from myspicesage (for example) 50% of the time I've seen a deal from them.

At least you're not complaining about guns or lingerie, so I suppose that's an improvement over the usual complaints. I don't vote on things after they hit the popular page (I don't see the point, myself), and I don't vote on #sponsored deals any more (although I used to), since I really don't get the point there.

Oh, dear. So sorry, but I simply cannot help myself.

* You know what they say. Variety is the spice of life.

I will now give myself a 10 minute time out.


The same can be said for:

-Star Trek collectibles
-flash drives
-Doctor Who merchandise
-Meritline deals

and the list goes on.

To each his own.


@eremita: You should go post a Penzeys deal. They're on line. They have a fabulous line of peppers, many of which myspicesage doesn't carry. @anotherhiggins swears by them. My darling daughter recommends them. What have you got to lose, right?

[Apparently I lied about the timeout. Oops]


I personally like the Spicy Greek collection although he has not been on here for awhile. The stuff is delicious and I give the 4-pack as gifts. Last week a friend was telling me about Black Salt and some other types of salt so I've been looking at those. I live near the beach and we have all kinds of local spice combinations for seafood - YUM!


Speaking of spicy greeks has anyone seen leonidas around?


Cause this is a spicy group?

I'm grateful. I was able to get some berbere spice for free with my myspicesage order. Needed it for the veg kids foodstuffs.
These ethnic spices aren't available in my little podunk town.

Don't be a hater. We all need a little spice in our lives. /end cliches


Haven't you noticed that Deals is just packed full of people with different interests? Like the ZombieBacon deal people?

I cook and appreciate deals on fresh spices, so I vote on them. The jarred stuff you buy in the grocery store isn't that fresh and I hate paying through the nose for fresher spices at Whole Foods. Love the store, but dang! their mark up is awful on some things.

I also vote on the Dr. Who deals, a few @ohCheri deals (hey, she DOES have a good deal or two!), free mp3s, goofy t shirts, clothing & shoes, ammo, and housewares. I vote on cigar and liquor deals if they were real deals as well. I leave the voting of the tech/hardware/software to the geeks that know whether it really IS a good deal or not. To each his own.


FWIW, I'm a fan of Spice Barn

They don't really run "specials", but they DO have consistently good prices if you're willing to buy in bulk. I particularly started buying bulk spices here because the price of caraway seed in the grocery stores made me ill.


I know I'm not nearly spicy enough without a little enhancement.


@jagg3d3d93: My eyes are blue within blue...sorry.


I find it humourous to see the spices on here. Personally I go to the Farmer's Market and can get fresher and less expensive spices without waiting on shipping...but some people like to pay more and wait longer I suppose.


@niloc225: Don't forget HDMI cables. So many HDMI cables ... As I write this, there are currently 3 HDMI cable deals on the front page - 2 popular and one sponsored.

@shrdlu: I'd love to see a Penzey's deal, their quality is great.


@goldiemcg: some people don't have the option. shocking, i know...


Its like "Rule 34" (, only for DW; if you can think of it, there will be deals.


I would just like to clarify that I am not hating in my post I was just curious about the spice deals demographic.


@goldiemcg: Or just maybe, they don't have a farmer's market in winter (ever lived in Montana?) or their farmer's market is limited to winter vegetables (mine) without a single spice to be found. Also, many of the herbs and spices at are grown/procured outside of this country for a reason, i.e., they are indigenous. Your farmer's market must be magical, indeed.


no undoing all the spice deals. He who controls the spice controls the universe.


@oscaroni: Actually mine is freaking amazing, it's here: and it's the closest I have been to being in the US but feeling like I'm in another country. With the year round local and international selection they have I guess you could call it magical :)

And yeah, I'm lucky enough to have this place down the street but still, it's Atlanta so I have that going against me, lol.


@oscaroni: If you need some spices you can contact me and I can stop by the market and see what they have if you ever need something you can't find locally. Just let me know!