questionshave you seen all the binders full of women stuff?


And the newest meme is born.


The customer submitted pics on that binder are great.


I've heard the line but have no idea where it came from


Well, you know, some men just prefer their women in binders. Presumably, they let them out before 5 PM - flex hours - so they can cook dinner.


my favorite is the patrick swayze one: no one puts baby in a binder LOL


@thedogma: Gov. Romney is said to have been disappointed with the quality & caliber of male applicants for several Mass. government positions and is said to have asked staffers to compile a binder with outstanding business women who would be qualified for these positions needing to be filled.


These are all proof that unemployment is far too high.


@davidschronic: ...I am gainfully employed and post to Deals.Woot on breaks during my busy work week. Thanks for the assumption though.


@smtatertot13: You're welcome! I don't remember specifically calling you out, but I guess you can interpret that how you'd like. I was just making a general observation and moreover, not talking about deals woot users but population in general who spent all this time posting joke reviews for binders on amazon and making meme's with the hopes that Obama get's reelected so they can up their food stamps (now you may downvote). Just seems a little unproductive to me. I too have a job and still occasionally post on deals woot as well. I guess that makes us friends!


@davidschronic: I did totally assume you were referencing those in this post rather than the general masses on the interwebs. My bad.

You're right about all those lousy people on welfare. Even those people who actively try to work and use the food stamps to feed themselves to get them through their unemployment. Screw those guys.

Also, posting a silly picture isn't supposed to be productive and anyone posting a binders full of women pic or anything else political-joke related who expects it to change a mind is, in fact, wasting their time. However, those of us who appreciate the humor for humor's sake are actually quite productive with their postings - they make (many) people laugh. I don't like fighting over politics, but I do like laughing at silly things. It gives me joy :)


It reminded me of that episode of Big Love where they have that "Joy Book"

It was a binder full of women that you could get married to mormon style.


I think that this one has at least another week before Mitt does/says something to inspire a new meme.


@rookie3001: You get my vote for that one...nice!


@lavikinga: Incorrect. He didn't ask for a binder. He was * provided* with binders of candidates, which were women because he asked his staff to find qualified women to fill cabinet positions.

So, instead of people applauding the man for, himself, actively trying to find women to hire, fake anger is given about him using the word "binders". Those same people who seem to be angry don't care that Obama pays women in the White House 18% less than men.

Romney wants to hire women... becomes a joke and people protest... Obama pays women less, people ignore it.


@kmeltzer: You are right. I should have written "list" rather than "binder." The list was then complied into a binder? How it turned into the butt of jokes is anyone's guess.
I am not quite sure why there is so much outrage over the request for decent applicants. Was it all because the optimal candidate names were in a binder? Would a thumb drive or shoebox be any different?
This has been one mean political season.


@lavikinga: Yeah, I don't understand the outrage. I think it's because when you're "guy" is on the ropes, you need to find distractions wherever you can. Also, easier than giving the evil Republican credit for proactively trying to hire women.. because, after all, Republicans hate women.

All that happened was his staff (which included women) gave him the information in binders, as opposed to just stapled together, or in folders or stuck together with bubblegum. My daughter had 3 binders in her bookbag right now, so I'm not sure what the big deal is with them.


The "binders" comment was not outrageous, just dang silly. The most apt comparison I have heard was Al Gore's "lockbox" comment, which was as close to a meme as existed in 2000. It was just such a silly sentence, made even sillier by the insta-meme-ification.

What was outrageous to me wasn't the phrase "binder full of women" but Mitt's story itself, which was patently untrue. Mitt did not request the binders after noticing the lack of female candidates on his own. They were provided to him by a nonpartisan organization which wanted to lessen the gender disparity in government positions. The fact that Mitt took credit for it was just plain disingenuous.