questionsdoes anybody know were can i find conkers bad fur…


Great game. I have both the N64 version and the "live and reloaded" version for the xbox. I'm not sure where you could find it for that price. Checking ebay, it looks like my N64 collection might have some value after all. :)


Never looked into the game before. Crazy - I'd never heard of a video game breaking the 4th wall quite like this before:'s_Bad_Fur_Day#Plot

My trick to finding old games cheap is to search misspellings on eBay and have saved searches that run daily on the same. Eventually someone will post a misspelled item and nobody will bid on it because they can't find it.

Apparently this one's just EXTREMELY rare.


Looking at completed listings, it's gone as low as $39.99 for one in decent shape. Problem is, a buy-it-now item will get purchased almost immediately - which is probably why it was posted at that price. Highest price that will get bought immediately.

I've constructed a search string, combined with Buy it Now that seems to weed out all the misclassified products in the same section:
-articles -coaster -xbox bad fur day -guide -magnet -label -"no game" -replica -"game case" -case -poster -booklet -rosie -manual