questionscan't find anything about my purchase on site?


You need to contact woot customer support. We're just sitting on their front porch chewing the fat. :)


I tried that. I called my credit card and it went through. What does 1 woot mean?


@97blacklude: That means you bought something. If you checked out in the same cart it's likely it got credited as one woot. Also, sometimes the site takes some time to update. Don't stress, woot! is a reputable company and whatever you bought is what you'll get. Shipping usually takes a couple days depending on what you've bought. You'll get another email when it ships.


@97blacklude: Here's a suggestion. Sign out. Close your browser. Open your browser, and log in. Then check the "Stuff You Bought" link. I'll bet this works like magic.

Just in case...

@thunderthighs, if the browser refresh doesn't work, then I'd say there's something or other that's not properly updating (since my purchases always show up right away, whether I want them to or not). I'd buy something just to check, but there's nothing I need from anything that's currently being offered, as sad as that sounds.


@97blacklude: I'm sorry for the frustration. It can take CS a day or to get to your email.

It sounds like your order payment source was denied or it didn't pass some of our checks. The charges you see are AUTH charges and they will drop off in a few days. The exact length of time depends on your bank.