questionswhat's a neat thing to spend my $35 amazon gift…


@spicyflavor: Just what's been missing from my dull, llamaless life. Thank you kind sir.


5 of these:

In the middle of the night charge them up, grab a camera, and head for an overpass over a very little used or closed road. Set the camera up on the road below and have your buddy dump them over the side of the overpass.


a gift card for another store. duh.


@wootbretz: Overnight Shipping is only $3.99 though!


Lollipops, Hasselhoff and zombie killing equipment . . . but which do I choose?


how about $35 towards an amazon prime membership? ( i already have one, so that's not what i'd do). I like the Amazon brand bed sheets a lot. I think I'd get a set of those. They are like $40-$45. They have elastic all around.

If I didn't have already, I'd get the super duper sun shades custom made.


I'd vote for Prime too... except it seems you can't find anything to buy on Amazon as it is, so how likely is it you'd find enough to make Prime worthwhile?