questionsif you know of a memorial day discount from…


While I don't know of any that offer 30% right now, I'm betting there will be one on Monday or so.

If not, just wait for a while (since you have 90 days to get a warranty). Their twitter account frequently posts the promo codes (


try FLAG, it said 30 off on the 24th only, but is probably 20 now. Worth trying though as sometimes they work beyond the allotted time.


I know that they used to run one for Twenty20 for 20% off and another from time to time thirty30 for 30% off. I think they're for first time purchasers only though... I'll check into it

Edit: twenty20 does not work, but thirty30 gave me 30% off when I tested it.

If you've already used that code before, just use a new email address and re-use it! I do that all the time


@capguncowboy: @pickypickypicky: @hackman2007: Thank you for your responses! I'll wait for Memorial Day and see what happens. If you hear about a new code for 30% or higher, please post it. I'm hopeful I'll find one before 90 days are up!