questionswhy are most speakers/music systems only ever…


If you're a manufacturer, will you want to market your products to 5% of the market ... or 75% of the market?

Keep in mind that there are plenty of speakers with 3.5mm input connections, which are compatible with ... almost everything.


I for one am not a sheep, I'm human. Also, how would a sheep express his/her disapproval, other than saying "Baa?" I mean, they can't type with those hooves, and they can't pick up a pen to write anything, also because of the hooves.


I'm not a sheep. I just choose not to spend half my life on the phone with India trying to figure out why my anti-virus software didn't work.


We're all sheep. You're just a black one if you don't like Apple products.


I didn't have any trouble finding speakers for my android.


@dmaz: Naw, Apple makes both white and black sheep. Now if you want to be a purple sheep... you should probably buy purple shirts. :)