questionswhy didn't the wine wootoff have a bottle of…


That is an awesome idea, but what would be in the bottle? I think if your idea catches on, they ought to fill it with random liquids (one liquid per bottle though) and send it out. there could be sweet tea, coke (the drinking kind, not the fun kind), tap water, fancy water, wine, box wine, beer, whiskey. you've probably got the idea now.


ahhh, random empty bottles and corks from the woot! christmas party? I like this idea (but only because I've never ordered from wine.woot)


@capguncowboy: Don't uncork that genie, son. Once you realize how frightening easy it is to have really decent wine delivered straight to your door for only $5 during the cooler months, you'll drive yourself crazy trying to find places to store it. My husband says our wine collection is like Tribbles. It's stashed everywhere that's dark and cool.


i heard from unreliable sources that they threw one in randomly but it wasn't labeled as "Crappe". hope it wasn't the one you ordered.


@captainsuperdawg: I hate to burst your bubble, but for liability purposes I don't think Woot, or anyone for that matter can sell an unmarked bottle with random liquids (at least legitimately). The same reason why grocery stores have to dispose of items that lose their labels - If you sell them the unmarked item, and they get sick and/or die, you're in trouble. :p

Of course, I know some substances are bought and sold regardless of labeling - Moonshine anyone?


I am feeling so left out because I cannot order wine from wine.woot. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my 'stick-in-the-mud buzzkilling state legislators.' First you torpedo the economy, then you won't even let me drown my sorrows via an inexpensive home delivered spirit. Why oh why, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania do you hate me?


@tiamat114: they could include a little print-out telling you what it is. and i wasn't suggesting anything gross. all liquids in the bottle of crappe would be safe to drink if you're over 21, which shouldn't be a problem because you're ordering from a site that sells wine