questionswhy are there questions?


1. Organic bullets? Vegetarian haggis? Cheap tickets to Antarctica? The best high-performance sweatsocks for under $100? If you’re looking for a deal that doesn’t appear to show up in our Community Deals section, throw the question to your fellow cheapskates. Or answer a question for one of your fellow cheapskates. Or vote for your favorite questions, or your favorite answers, or… maybe we should call this section “Ask, Answer, Comment On, And Vote In The Community”, but that won’t fit on the page. (pulled from the site)
2. Yes I have asked questions.
3. Some yes, some no.
4. Yes I got many useful replies (this community is amazing!)
5. Yes I have made multiple purchases from woot!
6. Multiple times.
I must applaud you for your question. Most people would simply ask each of these individually, but not you! You went with the all or nothing route. However, I still down voted you ONLY because, the majority of your questions have already been asked. Sorry.


@studerc: It's a survey. The pattern of an individual's answers is relevant, and it'd be harder to see if the questions were spread out in different ... questions.


i have never purchased a woot deal, however i usually buy about two deal.woots a week. i answer lots of post, but have only asked one question (unfortunately i asked on a sunday so i got almost no replies). i think overall the questions section is a great idea, but needs some help.


@ivanivanovich: If you want to do a survey, have the courtesy to advise us. If it's for course work, you're violating ethical standards.


Questions exist so that answers feel wanted.


you forgot to ask about the meaning of life!