questionshave any favorite dog names?


Anything but Spot... do not name your dog Spot.

Maybe Tucker or Bently.


There used to be a 3-legged dog that roamed around my neighborhood when I was a kid. Everyone called him tripod and he didn't seem to mind.


Love our dogs' names... Stoli and Brandy.

Also, NOT Marley. Ugh. So overdone.


missing dog, 1 eye, 3 legs no tail and goes by the name of LUCKY!


I told Mrs. Durkzilla that when we got a dog we would name it Ralph, because that's what dogs do (for those unaware, "ralph" is a euphemism for vomit).

When we finally got a dog, it was a female, so Ralph was out and instead we choose Hurley. We were huge fans of "Lost" and the character Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, and "hurl" is yet another euphemism for vomit.


A friend of mine named his dog Turkish. The next dog I get will have that name.


@durkzilla: I really liked the character Hugo myself. I think he's in a new show now, have you/anyone seen the show yet, is it good?


@meems212: His new show is Alcatraz, and I like it so far. It's similar to The X Files or Fringe, a covert gov't agency investigating paranormal things.

Also, Barclay (dog name). Bark-lee.


The only dog I had in my adult(?) life was a Chocolate Lab.

Adopted him from a pet store. After much deliberations and discussing it back and forth with him;(well, I did have to see what he liked the sound of, you know)

1 ear up = ok, 2 ears up = OK !

His named turned out to be: Guiseppe Desidorio !

Hey, I'm Italian so a adopted pooch is sub-Italian.


Sir Didymus is a nice antique from Labyrinth.

A fleeing dog with an owner hollering after it, "Your Majesty!!" would be warming of the heart.


@rprebel: Thanks,...... oops forgot to add Lady, please don't name a dog that, my mom for the past 30 yrs would name her dogs Lady and they all ran away, lol guess they hated that name, I named my dog Volton from Flash.


The dogs we got right after getting married were Fred (mutt) and Ethel (beagle). I love fun names. Current dog is Maisy.

Other dogs I've had:

Fritz (I wanted to name him Winston Wellington Worthinging III but my dad vetoed that. Wouldn't even go for Winston. Not dog enough)



Whenever I play a game and have a dog I name it imadog because when dogs get excited I think that's what they're thinking over and over "imadog imadog imadog!" My Girlfriend's (and now my) dog is named Cyren.


I named my dog Stay. Just so I could confuse the heck out of him by going 'C'mere, Stay. C'mere, Stay!' (Old Stephen Wright joke)



I think the ASPCA should know about this !

Very Disturbing.


Once I get into a house of my own, I am going to get a Mastiff, and I plan to name him Diesel.


I had a friend with a German Shep that he called D-O-G (spelled out) but pronounced dee-o-gee.

I don't think the dog got the joke...I know several people that didn't get it either.


Nugget is a good small dog name

@rprebel turkish, like from snatch? or lockstock, i get those confused lol

either way good dog name

or Doofus is a good big dog name


@thunderthighs: my aunt has a dog named maisy, and my uncle has daisy they are buddies


A friend of mine years and years ago had a teacup poodle she names (profanity) because that's what it looked like when it curled up to go to sleep. I still remember her walking down the street calling for that dog when it got out of the house once. ROFL.

My ex in college had a cat he named (profanity). He left it with his parents when he moved to a different state and they promptly renamed it to Cat. Unfortunately, it was already registered at the vet. Ex's dad made a point of showing us the postcard he received from the vet:

Dear Mr. (profanity) Jones... it's time for your shots.


My late Jack Russell was Havoc. Aptly named.
Oh, and the 'Spot' rule applies- don't name a Jack Russell Terrorist 'Jack'. It just pisses 'em off.


@shadowblue42: I'm not sure either. It's that movie where Jason Statham plays a bad guy who's portrayed as a good guy, and he drives really fast at some point. Surely that narrows it down.


My dog's name is Captain Jack (as in Harkness, not Sparrow), so that is my favorite dog name.


My gf's toy poodle was Darla, who died last Summer. Now she has Lily, who is half shih-tzu and half maltipoo. Her sister had Henry (Great Dane) and Maxine & Noel (Boston Terriers), though Henry and Maxine have passed on.

A friend has a German Wirehaired Pointer named Duncan (a very well trained hunting dog). He also has four or five other rescued dogs with various names, none of which come to mind at the moment.

My next-door neighbor's Cocker Spaniel is Emma and the evil rat that lives upstairs and hates me for some reason is a Maltese named Benji (I've noticed that he barks and growls at most men... maybe the owner's husband kicks him or some such).


Favorite dog names:
Charles Barkley
Bob Barker
Wolf Blitzer

Favorite bird names:
Gregory Peck
Sam Peckinpah


When we rescued our cavalier king charles, it took awhile to decide on a name.

Some names that were thrown around, mostly by our 4 y/o daughter at the time:
Harry Puppers
Princess (he is a male dog mind you)
Starburst (starting to see a trend?

In the end, we decided Cooper shall be his name. After that was decided, the alternate names starting coming in.

Cooper Von Ichy Butt
Cooper the Pooper
Coops McGillicuty
Hanging with Mr. Cooper

All in all, we love Cooper and was the best thing we have done for the family in a long time.


I knew a cat named Murderface. It would attack anything, including your face.

Best dog name I ever heard of was Frank. It wasn't a dachshund, just a big mutt.


I have three small dogs.

A male black and tan miniature pinscher named Anubis (after the Egyptian jackal god, which he resembles).
A female stag red miniature pinscher name Sweet Pea (I wanted to name her Sweet Potato, because her coloring reminded me of one, but hubby didn't care for that, so we compromised).
A female white chihuahua with tan spots named Little Bit (she, of course, is the queen of the house).

My sister always names her dogs after foods (Porkchop, Biscuit, Mousse).


my favorite dog name was probably either (whoooooah) Nellie or Bearsheetinuwitz


Dog names from my childhood: Buster, Phantom, She-Rah, Chopper, and currently Thor & Loki.


I had a dog named Gordon. One time we were siphoning gas out of our truck, when we turned around Gordon and drank the whole bowl of gas. He ran around for an hour while we chased him to take him to the vet, then he just fell over.

We thought he was turned out he just ran out of gas.:P


I like Tucker for a yellow lab. Remember that anything more than two syllables is purely for your own amusement, the dog won't really identify with the rest. When I was a kid my cousin had a dog named "Boogie Woogie Bogart Lamar Gilkison the Third". I have no idea where he got it from but I have remembered it for decades.

Most of my dogs are rescues, so they come with names, but the ones I have named are:
Warlok (huge black Great Dane)
Majiik (small fawn/tan Great Dane)
Mischief (Irish Wolfhound)
Voodoo (another black Great Dane)
Simba (huge fawn Great Dane, very lion colored)

Rescued dogs I have not gotten to name:
Biki (Irish Setter)
Lucy (Irish Wolfhound)
Sydney (Borzoi Hound)
Gus (Irish Wolfhound)
Topaz (harlequin Great Dane)


@thumperchick: I had a pair of cats named Thor and Loki once.


For anyone who may read this on such an old thread :D We did name him Bode and he got 190,000 views on imgur the other day :O and 3,600 upvotes on reddit! Cutest picture evar c: