questionshave you noticed duplicate deals through phantom…


@jumbowoot: Check out dailyiphonecase and dailysale as well. This is basically all the same person spamming their deals through multiple websites and multiple woot usernames.


Thanks for the heads up. We're looking into it.

All told.


Darn! I've bought things from Goodiyz before. I hate to see them turn into spammers.


Upvoted for your vigilance!


@belyndag: They already are spammers, unfortunately. And cheats and liars, as evident by the use of their multiple socks and sites.


@90mcg112: many thanks for discovering and posting these shenanigans. I've done some sock-tattles in the past, but I missed all these.


Many companies have different domain names and they will sell the same stuff through each one of them. They will claim that the sites are different but really they are the same and the same junk cycles through them. It would be like if sport.woot, home.woot, tech.woot and woot all counted themselves as different websites and advertised as such on different deal websites.

However though, at least Woot does not sell the same thing each day on multiple versions and say it is different.


This is still happening, but you can add to the list. I guess it wasn't enough of a violation to ban them.