questionsi am trying to manage my connections and i don't…


Reminds me of the driver who got pulled over by a policeman:

Officer: Can I see your license please?
Driver: Yes, Sir.
Officer: It says here you're suppose to be wearing glasses.
Driver: I've got contacts, Sir.
Officer: I don't care who you know! Now where are your glasses??!!



If you want help with a wireless device you purchased you need to give us more to go on.
What is the wireless device?
Are you using the software or Windows to manage the connection?
What version of windows are you using?


You know what? There is actually a "Manage Connections" link on the account page.

Here's what I see (text only, sorry, no gif/jpg/png at the following link:

We, for one, welcome our new corporate overlords. No really, we're part of Amazon now.
+ Add Connection

You can sign in with your Facebook account and use your Facebook profile picture as your avatar - as long as you promise to shut up about your farm.
Remove Connection (I made an account to do this, then deleted it)

This obscure little startup wanted to be in on the login fun, too. We thought they were cute, so we'll let you sign in with your Google account, whatever that is.

Sign in with your Twitter account and use your Twitter avatar here, too. See how much fun life can be when you're not limited to 140 charact

Exclamation points unite! Of course you can sign in to Woot with your Yahoo account.



[10,000 chars is not enough]

(Only Amazon and Facebook let you add them. Dunno why. The others you just have to log in with, I guess.)

Twitter used to be an "Add Connection" and now it's not. I used Twitter for an account, I think. I see that there's not a "Gravatar" option any more (to change your avatar). On the account that used Twitter, there's a "Remove Connection" option, but there's no "Add Connection" for Twitter on any other account. Maybe I'll go play with @jamesbondqbranch for a while, and see if logging in via Twitter will somehow cause a connection. Oh, wait. I'd have to have an actual Twitter account to do that.

Never mind.

(As a side note, on the account that has a Twitter connect, there's no "Add Connection" for Facebook. Maybe they only want you to add Amazon now.)

Evil Overlords Unite!

[Pssst. @Caffeine_Dude; there's an actual Manage Connections on the account page. Who knew?]


Hey, why is this set up this way? Back when the hideous avatar things first showed up, I changed the Avatar for this account as soon as I figured out how to do it. I've always been afraid to delete the link for fear that the image would vanish too. I made the FB account, uploaded an image for it, linked the facebook account to woot, changed my avatar, deleted the facebook account, logged out of my woot account and back in, verified that my image was still a wizard, and not the default avatar thing, and that was that.

I've never even thought about it since, until now. I just realized this morning that the question was not about network connections on a PC, but the link to the account on Woot. BTW, I did EXACTLY the same thing, but with Twitter. There was an option to "link" your account when I did it, and I see that (except for Amazon) that option isn't there, by default. I have a Yahoo account, but no default image (ugh, what an idea).

Anyone want to try logging in from Google?


@shrdlu: You have now aligned yourself with all the forces of evil?

Edit: This "log in from anywhere" innovation may explain some of the odder questions we've seen of late. Or not.


@magic cave: The log in from all those places has been supported (and encouraged) for a very long time; certainly from 2010 (when the STUPID Avatars first showed up).

I just got really sad to see downvotes, and no help, for what was a perfectly valid question, from:

-an account that was not created just today
-an account that has made purchases
-in grammatical and correctly spelled English
-a sincere question for which (I checked) there didn't seem to be an easy answer

We see so many of the random nonsense question from accounts created just today, and no purchases, in garbled English, and about as sincere as a used car salesman with only five junkers on the lot. I realized that the question was being misunderstood. The interface could use some work, but I imagine the current development team is busy interviewing new folks to take the place of those who've wandered off to greener (or at least different) pastures.

So it goes.


@lclark07, I'm hoping that you've seen the answers, and that you weren't discouraged by the initial downvoting. I do have to say that the question was easily misconstrued. I thought it was about PCs and networking myself, when I first saw this.

@thunderthighs: I'm not sure who precisely this should be passed up the food chain to, but I wish that you could find the appropriate person to change the verbiage such that there's a bit of explanation in the FAQ (or even on the "Manage Connection" specific page) that explains this a bit better. The current explanation is wrong. It says:

"Connection Instructions

Click "Add Connection".
You will be taken to that site to authorize this connection.
Fill out the form on that page as you normally would. (Again, don't worry: Woot will never see your password!)
If all goes well, you should be redirected back to this page and see a little check-mark next to that connection. Feels good, don't it?"



@thunderthighs: [More]

Those instructions are carried over from the old design, when this made sense. There's no Add Connection for anything but Amazon, and there used to be one for (at least) Twitter and Facebook. I'm not sure why the OP is wanting to add the connection, unless it is just because they found the page, and were trying it out.

Personally, I go out of my way to keep most of my online profiles separate from each other, but at least it ought to be documented to match the current functionality. If it's like PayPal, where only those who already have this get to keep it, then document that too.

If it could be fixed (i.e. put the Add Connection back) that would be nice. I've LOOKED at the source code for the page, and there's NOTHING there for anything but Amazon, by default (it uses Open-ID; not a fan, thanks). Can you also poke the developers?

{I'd like morning better if it came later in the day.}


@shrdlu: I passed this on the FAQ man. Thanks!


Huh, you're right OP - the "add connection" link is no longer there.

Stuff is broken. @ThunderThighs - not sure who to page about that. There is a link to 'manage connections' but once there, there is no link to add each connection. My links to remove connections are there, though.


You are correct that connections are disabled for the time being. I don't have any more info than that.


I'm sad to see that the "fix" was just to remove any possibility of using anything other than the horrid generated avatars that are automatically provided. It seems to be rather like the Paypal solution, really.

Paypal: Okay, if you still have paypal as an option, you can use it. If you deleted it, you can't add it back. Sorry.

Avatars (which I never wanted anyway): Okay, if you're using Facebook or Twitter to connect to woot, you can continue to use your avatar from there, but if you don't already have a connection, we won't let you make a new one.

I can absolutely GUARANTEE that I will never EVER link my Amazon account to Woot. Nothing personal. It's too bad, really, but I guess that's the way it goes.

Everything changes. Everything.