questionshas woot jumped the shark?


Too many items. When woot was a low time commitment(woot, sellout, shirt, wine), it was enjoyable and sometimes provided something worth buying. Now, while it still provides deals which are occasionally worth buying(at the same frequency, which is to say, a much lower percentage but balanced with the higher # of deals), it frustrates. Now there are all the woot properties as well as the woot plus deals, which don't seem to update at the same time as the regular deals, besides. It drags too much of my time to try to keep up, and failing to do so, I am further driven away from the good memories.


It all started going downhill when they changed the shirts ...


Essentially Amazon is competing with itself now and just like most companies, it is hard to compete with Amazon. woot! has turned into another one sale a day site. The writers are still comical and the photos are still fantastic! But the products and prices are seriously lacking.


@maddogofgilead: Thanks. I think you captured my feelings pretty well.


It looks like woot has become Amazon's Clearing House


Maybe, but I have scored several deals for Christmas. Not necessarily high-priced stuff, which I'm sure they rather move, but I got several pairs of headphones for stocking stuffers, and a few other novelty items I know the "kids" in my family will enjoy. Still, the amount of "stuff" to look at is a bit overwhelming. I like the deals.woot when there is a theme to the postings!


Maybe, but you know what has really jumped the shark? Questions about woot "not being what it used to be".


Woot has jumped the...



Wow, harsh folks! I was just making a quip above - didn't think it would actually get downvoted. It just seems that several times a month we have questions which are basically statements saying "woot isn't what it used to be". I guess I'm supposed to just upvote them lol.

OK don't downvote yet - first read my own two cents:

Is woot what it used to be? Obviously not. Is it worse off? Well... On the old woot, we had one very deeply discounted product a day. Now we have a bazillion products - but if they were all deeply discounted, we'd probably all be happy. We're not happy...

I think the problem is, that the discounts are often not all that great anymore. I had THREE JumboWoot coupons that expired on 12/15. None of them were used. Why? Because I haven't bought a product from Woot in months now. This is highly unusual for me - I used to get several a month. To have THREE lapsed coupons is pretty sad right before Christmas even.

Woot, please bring back the discounts.


@tsfisch: You hit it. From one really good deal to a bunch of crappy deals. I feel the same way too. I used to buy something every few months, especially toys for the kids. Of the four things I bought this year (I've bought as much as 8 in the past) one was a bag of crap and another was for gifts for new babies in the family.
I know for a fact that I haven't been tempted anywhere near as much in the past year or so as I have been in the past. My finances are REALLY tight, and will be until October, but the temptation factor is how I know things aren't the same.
Hey @Woot, if you are listening, by next October, (at least for me personally) bring back the deals if you want me to spend me money here!