questionsthe magneto's helmet that's $99.99 how much is it…


you ask this on the community section, so you should know that most of us answering are just people, we have no ability to do anything you can't do yourself.

from what i understand the only thing woot is willing to ship outside the U.S. is t-shirts. and maybe not even those.

@thunderthighs: am i wrong on this?


@moosezilla: Well, I'm not sure what deal or sale this refers to so I can't really answer the question on shipping. But yes, Shirt is the only Woot retail site that ships internationally.

As to the question, someone recently pointed out to me that when a new person to Deals is looking at a deal, they scroll down to the bottom and see the link "Ask a Question". This immediately opens the dialog box to ask the question. They don't realize that it's going to a public forum instead of a private email.

Soooooo, we should all be more understanding of these questions from people new to deals. They think they're asking a question on a specific product, not a general question that needs more information.


ok so i searched out your product and found this:

when an item has a tomstone on it that means it is no longer available. please be aware that this is a listing from an outside company. woot only has the listing, they have nothing to do with the product. hope this has been helpful.