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How about the Big Chief Tablet?


These desks were oh so comfortable... NOT!


We had these weird half desks in high school. Hated them for doing book work.


Used one of these in engineering classes.


For Geometry, we had protractors with a very sharp point and a pencil holder for making circles and curved lines, which I have never used as an adult.


Remember those mimeograph handouts? They smelled SO GOOD! If they were fresh off the machine, you'd just stick your nose to the paper and inhale.


@thunderthighs: I have one of these wooden desks in my living room. Why? I'm not sure. However, it does provide a topic of conversation for visitors.


@thunderthighs: If you were really lucky the school would be considerate and order a few of those with the desk on the left. In many schools, not necessarily just Catholic schools, left-handedness was something they told kids they would just have to learn how to overcome. The only acknowledgement made to left-handed kids were those crappy lefty scissors that never worked as well as the regular ones.


Along with the projector, let's not forget those wonderful educational films....


Something to keep our pencils, erasers and glue bottles in while they were stored in our desk.


Then at lunchtime we got out something like this;


TIL: that most wooters are WAY older than me!!

I know what most of this stuff is but I've never used many of them. Looks more like stuff my dad used and I'm not that young, I'm almost 30.


@cardinalsfan: Youngster. Get off my playground!

(just kidding, you can stay)


@thunderthighs: I've played on those!! get the strongest kid you can find to spin that thing as fast as possible and try to walk around!! Loved it!!


Hand-written Report Cards. Yes, this is my first grade report card.