questionswhere can i find real authentic license sports…


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If you want authentic jerseys, you won't find them at a good price. If you want convincing knockoffs, you'll need to find a website that sells them from China or similar. The price may be right, but buyer beware. Plus, who knows whether or not there are legal consequences in dealing with counterfeit goods - IANAL.


@nate800: It was a sarcastic response to a question that is very similarly worded to those that the Chinese counterfeit goods spammers often post here as an excuse to get their site name out.

I was trying to be funny, but as Mrs. durkzilla often points out, all I managed to do was be a douche.

Sorry, but if you want cheap knockoff sports jerseys you're going to have to be quick about finding the spammy deals before the Woot staff deletes them. I haven't noticed any legit sites, but it may just be that they're lost in the noise created by the spammers, but as @sirlouie pointed out the authentic ones are never cheap.


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