questionswhat is your *least* favorite candy?


My worst candy ever has got to be scandinavian Tyrkisk Peber ( It's a liquorice flavoured candy filled with ammonium chloride and ground pepper.

My German friend (or maybe frenemy?) tricked me into trying one.
"It's delicious," he said. I nearly lost my lunch it was so disgusting. And the unpleasantness remained long after the candy had been expelled from my maw.

With such glowing recommendations online as "The burn on your tongue will linger for a while, but it's not that unpleasant. Not recommended for children!" and "It's hard to say what the flavour is like... Salty battery acid?", it's truly a small wonder there's still a thriving market for this stuff.



It has to be Black Licorice and add in hte fact that it tastes like Ouzo and that makes it even worse.


Malted Milk Balls, Black Licorice, anything Fruit Punch flavored..yuk!