questionswhat should i bring when i travel to philippines?


Um, when I fly overseas, I take a pillow to sit on, put on my lower back or sleep with depending on my comfort. (only 1 pillow to just shuffle around)

Headphones for the movies/music, take comfy ones- I like amazon's headband headphones personally.

I took a money belt (not a fanny pack) for my important items like passport and credit cards since it's more difficult to pick-pocket being that it goes on your belly, under your shirt and I had my wallet on a wallet chain too. (examples: and and )

Up to date on your shots, got insect repellent or any adapters needed for chargers?

And lastly, gum. ^_^ For flying.


@lifesucksmedead: Thanks for the reply!

What kind of pillow should I get? I was thinking of getting a foam neck pillow (once had the inflatable one and it was useless and I think I ended up losing it when I woke up). If I had an extra bit of money I would even probably get the OstrichPillow.

I have Beats By Dre studio headphones and that blocks out sound good enough. Good thing you pointed that out! I'll be adding that to my bag list.

Nice idea with the security money belt as well. Although it doesn't look comfortable, I might need one of those to keep my stuff safe since stolen passports is like the holy grail there.

I should be up to date on shots. I plan on getting my Flu shot taken next week.

I'll also add gum in my bag. That should help with the ear problems at high altitudes.

Most of my chargers have been checked and they're rated for 110-220 and from past experiences, the plugs are the same here in the US.

Checking out insect repellent right now.


@joshobra: I used the tan money belt similar to the one guy and it's not that uncomfortable at all imo. It's a fuzzy-ish material that's soft, it's very flat, so outta the way of normal day activities. It had a clear plastic thing inside for organization and probably moisture resistant to an extent, but I found it annoying, I just pulled it out and left it at home, just putting my stuff in the pockets w/o it, but you can do w/e ya want.

Wasn't sure on plugs, but I have a travel adapter set I take with me to places anyways lol

I have tinnitus, so gum on a plane is a must for me. Along with my earplanes for take-off.

As for a pillow, I actually use a throw pillow- it's micro mink and I love it. It's a square pillow cause I always get the window seat and lean towards the window. It's squishy enough that I can put it on my back for a bit, and comfy to sit on for a while too. You need to find something you'd be comfortable with. Everyone is a little different. ^_^


A few things I like to carry:
Insect repellent towelettes (individually wrapped)
Sunblock towelettes (individually wrapped)
Moist towelettes (individually wrapped)
Snack bags of nuts and wasabi peas
Ear plugs (the people I travel with snore like cartoon people)
Micro SD cards full of movies, photos and music
Photocopy of passport in a different bag than the one with the actual passport
Keychain flashlight
Disposable fold-up raincoats (you can get them in 2 packs from the dollar store and they are small enough to carry in a pocket or bag)


Also a selection of different sized ziplock baggiies. They have a wide variety of uses and don't take up much space.


it kind of depends on where you're going. if you're only going to be in the main city or resort areas, you can get a lot of the stuff you need there. so don't be too concerned about forgetting something. travel light. my wife and i were there for 2 weeks. we only took 1 carry-on suitcase and 2 medium backpacks.

other things:
- make sure you're up to date on shots (
- toilet seat covers (i think Charmin..check the section that has the trial/travel size items). maybe it's because we were out in the country, but a LOT of restrooms didn't have actual seats on the toilets.
- photocopy your passport and leave it with someone over here.
- mosquito repellent with a decent concentration of DEET.
- cash. if you're going to be outside of the city, cash is king. a lot of places will charge an extra fee for using a credit card.

have fun! it's a great country with really friendly people.


Check the year-old Woot first aid kit to make sure nothing has expired.


you didn't mention what kind of phone you're using. make sure it can use gsm.

no1 no1

@moondrake: Thanks for the list! Especially about the raincoats. It is always raining there.

@carl669: It's a little bit of both-ish. I'll be spending some time in both the cities and countryside. Ugh, you're totally right about the toilet seats there... they're nonexistent. I was wondering if there is some kind of fold-up toilet seat that I can slip into my backpack (but that does sound kinda gross). Mosquito repellent! That's what I need! I'll be looking those up right now.

@magic cave: Just checked. Looks good so far! There isn't any expiration dates on the bandages, but I will plan on going to Target and get some generic brand antiseptics.

Thanks for the replies everyone! If there is anything else you guys want to add, just keep replying!

@no1: Using a iPhone 5 with AT&T. So it should work with GSM. :)


@joshobra: can i ask where you're going?

i think we used #1 or #2 from this list of repellents:


@carl669: Destinations so far is Manila and Baguio. Also planning on visiting other cities in the north side of the Philippines. I heard the south side of the Philippines is not a good place to go, lol.

Thanks for the list of repellents! I've bought some repellents in the Philippines.. I think I got the lotion one and it's really sticky and uncomfortable, haha.


@joshobra: nice. we were further north, Ilocos Norte - Bacarra (about 10mi north of Laoag). i don't know how far north you'll be going, but if you get a chance, there's some really nice beachfront hotels in Pagudpud. and, since it's off-season, you can negotiate some good rates.

and yeah, i hear the south side is pretty dicey.


@joshobra: How about also an after-bite stick for the skeeters that get through? One tip for rainy countries-- I keep my camera in a ziplock bag inside the camera case. That slows down access but protects it from accidental rain or even immersion.


@moondrake: Good idea! I had one of those once and it turns out I needed a bigger bottle of it. Seriously, I get an average of at least one bite a day while I'm there. It really sucks when I could barely close my hands because it's so swollen from the bites.

Actually looked like this.

Still haven't figured out how to counter that reaction.

Edit: Okay, maybe the picture is an exaggeration. But my fingers do get swollen to the point where I cant even make a fist.


@joshobra: Have you tried benadryl? Might help with he swelling. Although bugs eat me alive at home, they never touch me when I travel. Even when other people are being bitten.


@moondrake: Hm, never brought Benadryl with me before. I'll pack it this time to see what happens.

Hm, kind of opposite for me. I hardly get bitten at home (while everyone else does), but when I travel I literally get eaten alive.

I also learned (yesterday) that not only the mosquitoes bite, but also the flies. So I guess they both cause the swelling and itching.