questionshas anyone noticed the new ebay website?


I didn't realize ebay was still "a thing".


@samstag: Just a little bit ...

I know some people that think the same though. It was a fad for some people. But, it is still alive and kicking. I get rid of some things on there a couple of times a year.


I haven't noticed a big difference.


@jha1223: I get most of my art supplies there. They cost about 25% of what they would cost locally. I'd love to shop locally, but art supplies here are priced for the dilettante, not someone watching the bottom line with a goal of profitable sale. One of my regular customers made a custom order last week which necessitated my buying some semi-precious beads, and one thing led to another and I had bids on about 200 auctions. I just paid for 62 auctions I won over the weekend, all of them jewelry making supplies. I have another 40 or so auctions pending. But I pay my house taxes and homeowners insurance every year with jewelry sales, plus a few other bills, so it's worth it.