questionsanyone else get a 'bestbuy order confirmation…


I hope you didn't get to "Bestbuy" using a link in the email.


I hope you didn't use any links inside the email to go to the bestbuy site, and if you did that you did not enter any personal info. There was a scam awhile back where they would have the link point to their own website that was made to look like the best buy one and capture any personal info that they could. if they used dummy pages for the account info, and linked back into the real website for everything else, it was hard to tell what was happening. Even if they didn't do this, they could try to use their site to push any number of exploits onto your system if you are not up to date on your virus scanners.


I see where Best Buy responded...

"This situation is not the result of any breach of Best Buy systems and we are working to take care of potentially impacted customers."

Comforting, isn't it?


@samstag @publiclurker: Yeah, my initial reaction was the standard, "This is going to be another phishing scheme" (There were in fact, lots of links in the email) so I went to BestBuy's site manually and the order did in fact show up on my account. That is where I cancelled the order and that is where I removed the credit card and changed my password.


@limehaven: I had something similar happen with a Walmart order about a week ago. Someone got into my account and ordered a cell phone. I got the shipping notice. I spent a couple of hours that day calling and emailing places, changing passwords and deleting information from various sites, getting my credit card reissued, etc. For some reason this guy didn't spring for expedited shipping, so we were able to get the shipment turned around before it was delivered. Certainly is a pain to deal with.


Nothing here. I even checked my junk mail folder just to be sure.


A month or so ago there was a scam for best buy that came through as cell phone messages. And it even came through on my tracfone. It stated something about having won a bunch of money. Of course I didn't respond, and then a few days later our local Best Buy put out a press release stating these things were not being done by them and, of course, saying they were taking care of the problem. And I have no connection with linked in.


This same thing happened to me. I logged into my account and I had 3 orders for $50 dollars each for a playstation 3 gift card, digitally downloadable. It had used my best buy reward zone mastercard to buy them. Only one of the orders were processed. It was emailed to someone I contacted bestbuy and they refunded the order and reset my password which clears out my stored credit cards. They had mentioned that over 200,000 best buy accounts have been compromised the same way, and that iTunes accounts were also compromised.