questionsdo you use your tablet anymore?


I use my 7" tablets almost exclusively at work and at home. I started with a rooted Nook Color, then a rooted Kindle Fire and am using a Nexus 7 now. The only time I use my ultrabook at the office is when I am doing wireframes or building presentations. My workstation at home is used for playing StarCraft 2 or photo / video editing.

I carry around my Fire / Nexus 7 in the back pocket of my dress work pants (I'm a dude, size 32 waist) so your comment about the tablet being too big does not apply to me. It's one of the reasons my iPad 2 and iPad 3 don't get much use.

I think touch-based computing is going to be a big part of our personal computing future. While I don't have plans on buying the new Kindle Fire, it and the upcoming tablets from Microsoft and Apple will only help to propel touch devices into the forefront of business and personal usage.


I can't remember the last time I picked up my tablet. It's been months.

My phone is more convenient. If I need something more powerful or with a bigger screen then I use my desktop.


I use mine daily. At least when I can manage to pry it out of my kids' hands... I do use my phone more though.


I use my BB Playbook almost everyday - when I need to look something up, it's much faster. Swipe to turn on, check what I need to do, then put it back to sleep. If I need to look more into something, or will be typing more than a short paragraph, then I get out my notebook. 20 seconds to boot (i3 with 8gb ram + SSD) ... which is about the time in which I already found what I was looking for.


Got mine as a gift maybe 5 months ago. I think I've used it for about 30 minutes in that time. 6 minutes a month on average? Not much, I guess.


Everyday, but mostly while I'm "in my office" (aka "the John")! Isn't that what they were invented for?? ;->


Use my iPad 2 nearly every day. Having some of my texts available via the Kindle app is great. It's much nicer than having to lug around my Organic Chemistry textbook.


Our iPads are used daily. Sadly, none of them are mine. They belong to my wife and kids. :(


Every single day, most of the day long. I go NOWHERE without one of them. (dealer here).


I had an acer a500. Had fun putting custom ROMs etc, on it. Then got bored. Tried to take it on vacation in place of my laptop. Fail.

Now I'm going to buy a regular kindle and a netbook.


I use my touchpad just about every day. Love it for ease of use. Much easier than going into another room to use a desktop.


I use my iPad and netbook both everyday. I also have a b/w kindle 3G that I use for reading and occasionally for Internet when I am out of a wifi zone. Each of them have their purpose and I'd be lost without them.


I use my kindle fire less now then when I got it, but I still use it quite a bit every day, and when I travel I can't live without it.

Mostly I use it less now just because I've played most of the games I like already.

Also I don't think I ever poop without it anymore.

Pooping without a tablet is just.....barbaric.


Yes, I use my 10" Xoom all the time. However, I use mine for Android development, so that's somewhat of a special case.


I use my TouchPad to check work E-mail from home and person e-mail from work, etc...
Not used everyday but close to it...


I use my IPad every day while watching tv or playing mindless games when the need to relax is necessary. I read from my Kindle all the time-rarely purchase a bound book! I am traveling right now, and I would be lost without bothy of them. I know I can read on the IPad, but I prefer the size of my Kindle.


I use my Acer A500 (10" Android tablet, rooted ICS) every day and more than my Android phones. While I have been using my HTC Amaze more in the last month or two, it won't replace the tablet for many things except when I am forced to travel very lightly (which is unusual for me).

I don't currently have a netbook or 7" tablet (gave both to daughter). I'll be getting the netbook back when she gets a real laptop later this month but I not see myself using the netbook much at all (the Acer is more useful).

If I'm not going to schlep a tablet, I'm not likely to bring a laptop either. I used my tablet while on vacation this year and, had there not been a woot-off, would not have missed the laptop at all. The way it was, would have run better on the laptop but only during the six or eight hours I was awake in the room anyway (as I would not have carried the laptop around with me). (Besides, I wasn't expecting a BoC due to the b'day craps anyway.)


Nearly every day. It's so much more convenient for me to have the tablet out when I get home from work to check emails and other stuff while I'm doing other things. I didn't think I'd use it as much as I do, but now I find that I almost never use my laptop.


I use my Palm (okay fine . . . "HP") TouchPad pretty much every day.

. . . not for anything "productive," mind you.


@rayray8822: Wait . . . checking Deals Woot counts as "productive," right?


I use my Asus TF300 every single day. Games, net, music, whatever. I love it so much. It's easier to use and I bring it everywhere. It's sitting right here next to me at work. If i could be posting this from there right now I would. Horn is a new game that just came out and it's really good. I'm addicted to Hero's Call too. There is also a MP3 downloader app that makes it easy to get new music for free. love love love my tablet.