questionswhat are you getting dad for father's day?


A waterpic thing that he wants. They have it on eBay and Amazon.


some cufflinks shaped like ties


A collection of the old Our Gang (Little Rascals) tv show, thanks to @jojosbasement.


My hubby is getting a replacement waffle maker. We have one that was "supposed" to be a Belgian waffle maker but it's not. It's crappy and I don't like it. I've been looking at the flip Belgian makers and even tested one in BBB yesterday and I think that's the way I'm going.


Last year I got him some cedar grilling planks and some wire skewers. A few days before they came we were talking about if he'd ever used the planks before and he said that they're as useless as wire skewers.

Needless to say, he's getting a giftcard.


Yeah! I'd like to know what I'm getting.


a swift kick in the junk


I'm giving my husband the perfect day. I'm taking the kids for the day, setting up the hubby with the Lay-Z-Boy, surround sound system with the PC hooked to the widescreen for all this Call of Duty needs and other games, a whole pile of porn to choose from, and a case of beer on ice. Pizza is pre-paid and scheduled to be delivered at lunch, then again at dinner.