questionswhy do online retailers call them "door buster…


Screen busters?

Web busters?

Net busters?

Ghost busters?


something about trampling?


"don't get trampled" sales.


keyboard smasher - smash your keyboard trying to get into site.

I like server crasher better, but it was taken.


"Limited stock below cost items to lure you to our site to buy all the other overpriced crap that we've jacked the price up on because we know you'll buy anything on Black Friday and think you've gotten a bargain because you're all basically mindless sheep."


"Everyone Please Be Polite and Considerate, There's Enough For Everyone" sales.


I've often wondered when some of the offline retailers are going to get sued for the implied encouragement and endorsement of mobbing and trampling that the phrase, "door buster," conveys. This especially with advertisements that feature crowds of people busting into stores and running madly around to get deals.


Budget Busters would be a better name.


Survival of the fittest shopper

Patience busters

Merry martyrdom

Inhuman stampede


Call me jaded but what's wrong with just a simple term like "sale"? There's no need to unpack all the extra adjectives, imo.


Considering there were so many problems with the doors literally being broken down and people being trampled I think it was a perfect fit. Thankfully in my area at least stores are letting shoppers in well before sales which eliminates those issues. Tho the stabbing that was on the news is a downfall on that.


@thumperchick: Woot already owns the trademark for Bag O' Crap.

I say we call them bandwidth busters!