questionswhat about atm etiquette?


I should also mention that there is a single lane around the building to arrive at the ATMs and it converges into three lanes about 55 ft before the ATMs. I assume this person thought I was signing a check our counting my money but in my mind a single line should be formed to allow the first arriving patron to the next open ATM. What do you think?


I have seen this phenomenon occur anywhere there should be a "teller" style queue. Baseball stadiums, in particular are bad. You have 3 cashiers all with one person being served. I will stand back so I can jump to whichever line is available. Someone will walk up to a cashier (sometimes directly in front of me) and wait, defeating the teller queue.

I understand how efficient queueing works. The Unwashed Masses do not. I don't know how to make it work correctly. I just get frustrated and order an extra beer.


@lumpthar: haha unwashed masses. love it! I would of cracked a beer too but was still in the car. With some cold ones I could have waited all night...


I have the same problem with self-service checkouts. Particularly if there are not checkouts designated for a limited number of items, I try to queue such that I can easily go to any of the checkouts. Unfortunately not everyone does this and it does annoy me.

Not certain how to fix this other than make "efficient queueing" as a topic for the required class that every American should have to take that also includes lectures on basic physics, introduction to thermodynamics, advertisement resistance and "quit being stupid and watching reality television for goodness sakes!".


I think it's open to interpretation what the bank intended with the way it's set up. At my credit union the driveway is open the same width as the drive up booths, and there's maybe two carlengths to the street, so it's obvious that they intended for cars to line up behind individual booths. I might interpret what you are describing as the bank intending that a half dozen cars should line up at each window to be filled in single file from the single lane entry. I don't think either of you were out of line (literally) I just think you each saw the situation differently.


@gt0163c: If the store wants a single queue, they should designate it. Same with the movie theater. The ticket line has separate red ropes for each ticket window, so it is clear that each window has it's own line. My friends and I split into different lines and whoever wins the line race gets handed everyone's money and buys all the tickets (those with credit cards just go to the machine). But at the concession it's a free-for-all. Some people try to hang back and wait for a cashier to clear, while others step up into the shortest line. No one is "right" or "wrong", because it's open to individual interpretation.


When I'm in a situation like that, I just pick one and pull up right behind the other car. If another machine opens up before the person in front of me is finished, I back up and move to the open machine. If there's another car, and we both start moving to the other lane at the same time, I let them have it. It's only a minute or two. It's just not worth it to allow yourself to be frustrated over something so insignificant.

Serenity now!


It's not that the unwashed masses don't understand, it's that they either aren't aware or don't give a damn.

Are you saying that you've never, ever "cut" in front of somebody. In traffic, in a queue, because you were in a hurry, they took a heartbeat too long, or you didn't even notice them maybe. You're rushing, you're in a hurry, you're looking at the time, looking for the next available spot, there are people all around you, and you're moving and dodging and there are all these people standing everywhere shopping or whatever and they are in your way. A spot opens up and you move. Maybe you saw the person standing near the self-checkouts, maybe not. Did it actually click that they were waiting? Maybe, maybe not. When you're going through a market or a drive-through ATM in a real hurry, how much of what other people do that isn't directly obstructing you are you consciously aware of?

And yeah, some people just don't care.


HAHAHA, you're doing it wrong.

Wow, some people are just helpless.

Pick one and wait, this isn't a self checkout lane at your local Walmart.

God help you.


@lumpthar: Right.... ya... they are the "unwashed masses" ... not you... yeah, definitely.


I think I'll name this the "Shortest Line Isn't The Best" syndrome. Seriously, what's another 2-3 minutes? Calm down and you'll live longer. We've all been there at some time. Courtesy seems to be a thing of the past, but once in a while it will pop up.


Unless signage, barriers or an attendant indicate otherwise, most lines are "each lane forms a separate queue." Rather than making you bed and then laying in it, you pick your lane and then you wait in it.

Whether or not this is the most efficient method overall is immaterial.

Certainly from the perspective of the guy who went straight to the ATM his method was more efficient.


@iggz: wow, you're an angry little thing aren't you!?! It is simply a discussion.


@davidschronic: I take it you're new here. Go away noob.

And while you're away, you should take a lesson on how the world works because obviously you have no clue.


@baqui63: Okay. Think about it for 2 damn seconds. How would it NOT be faster to line up directly behind each ATM? Really. THINK ABOUT IT. Of course it's faster! Maybe not for each individual person because they might wait a little longer depending which line they are in BUT the movement is constant.

Is this really that hard for you people to understand? THERE IS A CONSTANT FLOW.

You think a single line, backing everyone up because YOU want to use the ATM first is the most efficient way? HAHAHA, so stupid. And the hilarious part is you think you are soo smart and everyone else is doing it wrong. HAHAHA.

Man.... unbelievable.



You asked, so here is the simplest case that shows my point.

Consider two ATMs, and three people. The first two people each start on an ATM and the third person picks an ATM. If the person using the ATM not picked by the third person finishes first, the third person waits longer than if they had picked the other ATM.

Add more ATMs and more people if you wish. Reality doesn't change.

While "your" method may end up as fast as "mine" it will never be faster.


@baqui63: You're wrong man. Your way is definitely slower because it backs traffic up and once a person leaves then that person has to drive up to the ATM where that person was.

The way I described is a constant flow and doesn't required the waiting and wasting of space.

Sorry, but you're wrong. I'm sorry you can't understand.

BTW, your scenario doesn't even fit what we are talking about.

There were 3 ATMs and a line of people. So you can twist this to fit anything you want, but your scenario doesn't make sense with the original question.


But for amusement... let's look at your scenario

We have 2 ATMs and 3 people, of course the person is going to wait back a little to see which one opens up first. This shouldn't even be an issue unless that person is an idiot. But that isn't what this question is about, so it's rather pointless.

But say 1 more person comes. THEN it is faster to just line up behind the ATMs because then there would be no waiting. What this comes down to is people and their feeling of entitlement to use an ATM first because they got there first and don't care that they are creating a line and slowing everyone down in the process. Pick a line and deal with it, that's the most efficient way. Maybe not on an individual basis, but for a system as a whole it's the best.



Ok, let's use the EXACT scenario of the question: Three ATMs, four (or more) people.

Each ATM is occupied and the fourth person goes to the line for the first ATM. If either of the other ATMs becomes free before the first one, then the fourth person ends up waiting longer than necessary. And, since there is now an ATM sitting idle, the system as a whole is less efficient.

If we add another person, then two of the ATMs have lines and people will wait extra time if the third ATM frees up. A single queue will always give the most efficient usage of the ATMs.

With respect to this question, I see two possibilities:

(1) You are unwilling or unable to understand that "your" method is not better.

(2) You do understand but are trolling.

Either way, I'm wasting my time arguing with you, so I'm done here.


@baqui63: I'm sorry you cannot admit defeat.