questionsanyone else think petabyte is a creepy name?


Well, according to wikipedia,
as of July 2010, the largest drive available was 3TB so I think we are still a few years away from a Petabyte drive (unless you had some sort of RAID configuration with 334 of these 3TB drives if that is even possible).


Yeah. I am just sick of having to buy another TB every year for XMAS it seems to be my data usage is about 1-2TB a year. At least net new I run 2 TB full and empty with my DVR all the time but ...


No, I think it's a fine name. My dogs especially like the lamb and rice variety.

Oh, wait. That's not a pet food company?

Never mind.


Reminds me of a hybrid of a pterodactyl and a trilobite. Back when mad scientists roamed the earth.


Thought it might be a registry of vicious dogs!


wouldn't this be an "off topic" question?

I'm not the thread police. If I were, someone would be getting a ticket for posting in a no posting zone. The fine would be somewhere in the neighborhood of bizarre and ridiculous.


Or deal sucker... with a baby as the logo: