questionsare led backlit tvs worth the premium? i'm…


Bought a Samsung LED driven DLP last year after years of research.I looked at the expected bulb life on most TV's to be about 10,000 hrs.With a LED the life is in excess of 50,000 hrs..There is no delay or warm up time on start up you turn it on and it is at full brightness immediatly. No rainbow effect as with other DLP's.Wide viewing angle,if you stand next to the TV and can see the screen you see what's on, easily 170 degree viewing angle.Can adjust brightness to watch even in a room filled with windows.And the energy consumption and heat are alot less than my LCD TV's.


@DGHII5: Thanks a lot! Those are all great points, and considering the energy savings, I'm thinking it's worth the premium now for a TV that instantly turns on. What model do you have?


Have a 61" Samsung model #HL61A750. Something else to think about is alot of the new TV's are capable of 3-D playback with added accessories on alot of older movies.