questionsdo you expire your deal if someone points out it…


If it is less than 5 minutes, I delete it. If it is more than 5 minutes I'll expire and self tattle asking for it to be deleted. I'd rather see it completely deleted than just RIP'd.


I thank the person who pointed it out, apologize and then expire it. It may not be the best for my reputation, but it helps make the site a better place and that's more important.


I agree with @lichme:

Delete if I can or Tattle if I must.


I try to do what @gt0163c said, although I frequently post things before I leave for work in the morning, and it might be HOURS before I see the note that it was a dupe. However, now that I see @lichme's suggestion, I think I will go that way, instead. Better to have it wiped off the board than lingering forever as RIP'ed.


I agree with our illustrious leader @lichme...but for how long?


I do. I'll either expire it, or tattle it as a dupe. Sometimes it's caught early enough that I just go and delete it on my own.

If someone beat me to a deal, they deserve the credit. I mean, I'm still going to have to curse them for stealing my Woot glory, but you know. They still deserve the credit.


Doesn't matter to me. Expiring it is faster than having someone delete it for me.


@lichme: I think that happens regardless sometimes. I posted a deal a few weeks ago that happened to be a dupe and I did expire/ tattle it. Checked back a few minutes later and it was gone.

Still got emails concerning comments throughout the day though, which confused me.


If a person comments that it is a duplicate, I kind of assume that they have already tattled. So, I uselessly apologize and wait for the mods to remove it.


I always expire it but never thought to tattle and have it completely deleted....


@jertyrael: I time for the overworked mods. If i know it is a dupe, I simply expire it instead of making someone else have to do extra work.


I will if I see the comment before a mod has done anything. I don't check my e-mail very often and after I post a deal, I don't usually sit around hoping for someone to comment on it, so if someone brings up the fact that it's a dupe, and I catch it, then yes, I'll expire and tattle on it, but that actually hasn't happened to me yet.


@lichme: Couldn't have said it better myself. I never RIP my dup deals, I let the mod delete them so they no longer show on my history.


@lichme, this is exactly what I do when I find out mine is a duplicate. perfectly stated