questionsis there a cheap kvm switch that supports dual…


KVM stands for Keyboard, Video, Mouse (I realize you may know that, just making a point). The thing you want, with dual monitors, is an answer to the opposite problem that a KVM is meant to solve. You aren't going to find anything that does this, and keep it inexpensive. Of course, I say this, typing at a keyboard that's connected to an 8 port KVM. I used to daisy chain them, but I find it more convenient to split the network in two, which means I have two monitors. They just aren't connected to the same machine.

I can kind of see what it is that you want, but (if such a thing exists) it isn't going to be cheap. At all. Here's a fun link with a whole bunch of KVM solutions (sorry, it starts at 8 port because that's what I would want).

I like Avocent. I see Minicom is still in the market. Belkin's decent. Don't buy DLink.


Echoing @shrdlu, this won't be cheap, mainly because in general, the folks buying KVMs need to hook multiple systems to one monitor, because those mutiples vary from an antique running something obscure to workstations to systems you are repairing. No one is making enough dual monitor KVMs to drop the price.

The cheapest I could find was this one for $88 and it only hooks up dual-VGA setups: Also, I've found things from Cables to Go, hit or miss.

for Dual-DVI, this one for Startech(which from my experience comes from the same factory as Cables to Go, with different branding) for $121.00 with Prime:

Your third option is use 2 cheap KVMs together. One handles one monitor, the keyboard and the mouse and the second one just handles the other monitor. Not the most elegant solution, but it might be cheaper than the two choices above.


What I've done in the past is use a monitor that had dual DVI inputs and then ran connections to each machine from at least one the monitors. I then use the KVM for the keyboard and the mouse and sometimes other monitor (somtimes I just direct wire both monitors to each machine). That means you have to switch things in two places, the KVM and the monitor, but it works and is cheap.


@phunsberger: bah. i forgot about this option. i used it before and totally forgot. thanks.


You can check out KVMSwitchTech. They are KVM Switch experts. I have purchased a few switches from them in the past and they work really well.