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I just found out two days ago that Disney will replace your damaged movie Blu-ray or DVD for a fee, if you register them at Disney Movie rewards. I thought it was a pretty cool idea.

I don't think my boys have ever damaged one of their console discs, but they would love a replacement disc option on their expensive and retired games.


I like this idea. I think there should be limits on it, but it would be good if something happened or a kid got a hold of the disc or something. I tend to take really good care of my discs (or try to) and Gamestop seems to have really stepped up their game on what they will and wont take with respect to condition, so I ideally wouldn't need to use such a service, but I would very much want the option.


You should get a replacement for free.

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Microsoft actually offers a replacement program for select games that are published by Microsoft, but they charge $20, which is higher in many cases than it would cost to buy a used copy of the game.


@j5: No if you scratch or break the disc it's your own fault and not that of the game company I feel I purchased the license for the content not for the physical media and a replacement disc should be available at a fee.


For scratches and general wear and tear, they could offer the service as a courtesy. I wish Microsoft was willing to replace a NEW game's disc for free. I got Lost Odyssey and played through most of it, and when I hit the last disc, it was screwed up and unreadable. Read about it online and others have blamed the envelope it was in (the game is 4 discs long, only the first 3 sit in the case and on the spindle). People have said boiling the disc works, but I have yet to actually attempt this.


Some stores sell warranties for game discs. Damage the disc and they will replace it for you. Never had interest as I do not destroy my games but for those with kids it could be interesting.