questionsare you excited for garage sale season?


We sure are. We're trying to fill a new home so we're looking for discount furniture (wood stuff like dressers or vanities) that we can refinish or paint.


It's funny, questions like this remind me how the different weather in other parts of the country affect lifestyle. We're past prime garage sale season here, temps are above 80 by sunrise and over 100 by lunch. There are few stragglers still posting signs, but the real time for any outdoor activity here is Feb-Apr and Sept-Oct. Only "mad dogs and Englishmen" go out during daylight hours in the summer.

Nonetheless I have an idea for a type of bookmark I want to try making for sale, and I can't find the hardware I want online, so I am keeping an eye open for garage sales where I can pick up old purses very cheaply and harvest their hardware. What I am after is the metal square that is commonly used to attach the shoulder strap.

@nmchapma: Make sure to also check on


Best season of the year! :)


After two months of great yard sales, it seems to be winding down here.

Back in April, I got a speaker system with subwoofer for my computer in great shape for $10.

Got a good number of scratch-free DVD's to add to my collection.

Recently we replaced our failing cordless phone with one that looked barely used and still a good battery for only $2.

The entertainment factor doesn't just come from the great bargains. It's usually the outrageous prices on outdated tech and prices that are clearly emotional rather than factual. Like the 30-year old, water-damaged copy of Scrabble I saw last year for $7. And the other entertaining thing is the people who come and talk to you about everything they have for sale just assuming you'll want some of it because you paused for a step while walking by. So desperate to sell, they don't even realize you're not the slightest bit interested in having it - even for free. I usually go to 10-15 sales in a Sat. morning and come home with 2-3 items


Yes! I love garage/yard sales. I found some great stuff at garage sales.


Oh - and I got a Lights Out game for free. I was so excited to get the game I never had the money for as a child, I didn't even realize it was in their free pile and insisted on paying $1.


Yes! I love looking around garage sales for used Lego bricks. They can last for a good number of years if you take care of them (still play with my 29+ year old Lego Space sets).

My son and I clean-up/sort the bricks we want to keep and list the ones we do not want on BrickLink. Any money we make on BL allows us to fold the funds back in to or hobby and keeps Mom happy.


Am I a bad garage saler for not haggling? I'm either in or out when given a price, and sometimes the seller comes down to a sane price after I start walking. I'm not shooting out any prices, though, so I feel like it's different.

Okay, maybe it's not very different. I dunno.


Going to a garage sale is one thing, having your own is completely different.

I've decided to never have a garage sale again. I'll just donate my extra items to charity.

What happens is you'll have something of good value -- let's say a 32" TV and you mark the price at $1.00. People will still try to haggle you down to 50 cents. It is too frustrating.

The final result is that you've wasted an entire weekend, got all stressed out, and made $100. The items you didn't sell are the biggest ones that still take up all the space in your garage. It's not worth my time to make that little bit of money and the charity seems to appreciate it more.


@cengland0: If it's a CRT television - no matter the size - it just won't sell. I've seen TV's marked as free and still not go anywhere. Nobody wants them anymore.


@cengland0: I recently cleaned out a ton of old clothes, shoes, and various school supplies that I don't need anymore. Straight to Goodwill. Aside from the hassle of struggling to sell a bunch of junk, I don't need anybody from the neighborhood to know that I had a serious jorts phase.


@lotsofgoats: I very rarely bother to negotiate. I've found that it's all too emotional for the seller. Unless there's a serious defect with the item for sale I don't have time to negotiate. There's usually one or two entire-subdivision yard sales going on in a given Saturday - plus 7 or 8 scattered around. Spend too long at one sale and the good stuff is sold at the next.

When I see DVD's for sale used in lousy condition for $3 when they're sold new for $5 it's the worst. I don't care that you paid $20 when it first came out. The going rate for brand new is $5. Once in a while, I'll make an offer in the $1-2 range, but usually I don't bother. I only make one offer when negotiating anything because I start with my max price. It rarely gets me anywhere, though. I only offer a fair price if I make an offer.


@omnichad: In my defense, it was about 10 years ago that I had my last garage sale so a 32" TV for $1 was still a good deal at that time.

I finally upgraded all my TV's and tried to donate the CRT TV's and Goodwill refused to take them. I even tried giving them away and couldn't. They ended up on the curb for the trash and some guys driving around stopped and picked them up.


Regarding old TVs: Find a transitional living center for the homeless and ask if they'll take them as donations. Homeless people live in these TLCs for 12-24 months while they get their lives on track, then they move into mainstream housing, usually with nothing to put in it and a minimum wage job. These folks are glad to have just about anything that works. When I got rid of my commercial dishes and switched over to all hand-thrown pottery, I bought a big wicker basket and a few good quality towels at a thrift store and used the towels as padding for the dishes. I put a big bow on it and dropped it off at the nearest TLC and asked the director to give it to the next family moving out. I work with the agencies so I see them all the time and she later told me how touched the family was to get my small gift.


@cengland0: I agree 100% - way too much work dragging all my crap outside. I'd rather donate it. I love to poke around in other people's crap, but when you come right down to it, I have too much crap of my own. Why do I need to buy other people's crap?


@moondrake: I do a lot of leathercraft, and have tons of hardware. PM me a pic, I might be able to help.


Shhhhhhhhhh, don't ask that too loud, my wife might hear you. (biting my nails)


@omnichad: My Scrabble game is from 1955 or 1956. The game came with three incorrect tiles, so my dad handpainted them to the correct letters and points. My mother was an absolutely deadly player; it wasn't unusual for her to manage three seven-letter words in a game. I can't think of a price likely to be offered by anyone that would lead me to part with it.

OTOH, I totally get your riff on the yardsale game. I figure either they're totally out of touch with how to price stuff, or someone in the house doesn't really want it to sell.


We don't have a garage/yard/tag sale season here. It's pretty much a year-around activity, although there are times of the year when finding a particular type of item is easier.


@moondrake: Regarding your dropping dinnerware and towels off at a TLC: I wish there was a way to double-up-vote a response.


@pickypickypicky: I am not one with the PM. So I'll just share here. What I am looking for are inexpensive D-rings or the oblong square metal hardware as in the image below. I have found plenty of D rings but at too high a price. I want to sell these bookmarks for $3 each, and there will be other materials costs and labor, so I am trying to spend no more than .25 each, less if possible. I only need 4-12 of them to see how they do. I figure I might be able to buy a few garage sale purses or bags that would have 4 on them for a buck or less. I haven't stopped at Savers to see if they have anything that will work, they are across town.


@moondrake: Whoa, that is one gigantic strap! Oh wait, that's just a map, whew. :-D

I have some you can have, but it would require a PM. If you are interested, I can PM you and start the process, if that is the unwieldy part that makes you hesitate. I will need an idea of what size, I am picturing about an inch.

If not, try looking at belts, some are comprised entirely of these, with leather or ribbon woven through. One will give you a nice supply of them, probably about 30, approx. Almost every thrift shop will have one, usually.


@moondrake: Give etsy a look, you'd be surprised how many raw materials they have. Just a quick search and I see d-rings from 5-10 cents a piece depending on size and materials.


@lotsofgoats: There were some fairly reasonable ones, after I added shipping. But what made the visit worthwhile was finding a lot of different bezels and glass domes at reasonable prices. I'd never thought to look at Etsy for supplies, I think of it as a finished product marketplace. Thanks for the lead.


@pickypickypicky: Just can't seem to find the PM link. I found it once, but I can't find it again. It's very annoying. Your offer is very generous but I wouldn't want to put you out. I'll turn some up someplace.


@moondrake: Alright, but don't say I didn't offer. :-)
I'd love a pic of the finished product, if you think of it.