questionshas a product ever set you on fire before?


I actually had a product in my hand about 2 weeks ago that caught on fire and it was pretty scary, but it wasn't actually ME that caught on fire, which would really suck!!

I bought a new blower about 4 months ago and was using it to blow off the front porch when I smelled something strange and looked down at it and it had flames coming out the sides. I quickly put it down and dispelled the fire - luckily I wasn't Banana Boat!


@lmensor: geez! That sounds pretty narly. Honey I raked the leaves ... I mean the ashes


At least now we know what happened to Big Tex.


@djbowman: Yeah, it sorta freaked me out, never had something like that happen before.

An edit to my post, I meant to say "luckily I wasn't wearing Banana Boat!"


idk, a power tool that shoots flames out when you use it sounds pretty cool...

no1 no1

@davidschronic: LOL! :)

No, thankfully it was a Craftsman, and since it has a 3 year full warranty I was able to take it back to the store and got a new one. Hopefully the same thing does not happen with this one!


I've eaten some peppers that set me on fire inside, but that's all.


had a NEW lawnmower spray gas out the exhaust vent. i did NOT finish trying to start it. just drained my gas back out and went back to the store with it.


@lmensor: I think that's a feature...the flames coming out the sides make it faster.


ROFL! I didn't even think of that! You are quite clever @cleverett! ;-)


@no1: Spaceballs: The Flame Thrower!


My HTC Mogul melted down in my backpack, burned a hole through three layers of ripstop, a layer of foam padding, and scorched my shirt.

Does that count?


So THAT explains UnNinja! The little guy just didn't want to get sunburn going out at night ...


Looks like the Banana Boat Sunscreen/Lighter Fluid dual-use product was not nearly as successful as suggested during initial trials.


I thought it was kinda common sense that if you spray an aerosol product it's flammable, at least until it's completely dry. Maybe I'm missing something, and it happened after a longer period of time, but are people really that dumb nowadays?


I had an LG flip phone about six years ago that burned a hole right through itself in the middle of the night. Luckily I was up late writing a term paper rather than fast asleep.


No products have, my older brother did once though.


had the grill go up in flames a few weeks back, turns out they recalled it back in 2008 :( one embarrassing trip to lowes later, and i got a new grill free of charge. Turns out if you have any kind of recall on grills there's some 1-800-number you call and request a piece of paper be sent to you, you fill out said paper and snail mail it back and expect the part to come from china within 2-3 business weeks. luckily i called lowes before I started the process and the manager was like damn thats messed up just bring it by i'll make corporate swap em out for ya free of charge.