questions@shrdlu goodbye, good times, good memories...


Oh @shrdlu, amid the spays of coffee, sticky fish, and broken keyboards, I have found a fellow wooter who knows much more than I. Your posts were of high caliber, and you tongue like Excalibur. To you, shrdlu, who loves computers, math, and programing. Will the cloud regain your attention? I doubt it, but you'll always be, The Queen Deals.Wooter.


With gardening season in full bloom, I suppose the inevitable just happened. I'll miss your 1337 knowledge, repartee, and love of exotic mustards.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!


First @catbertthegreat and now @shrdlu. I'm not liking this trend. I wonder how many other early and devoted wooters merely faded away with no good-bye after becoming disillusioned or frustrated with deals.woot?


@lavikinga: As the site has changed very rapidly in the last couple of months, I have a feeling more and more people will be leaving. With no regulation on what is posted and the same things being posted again and again, it is getting harder to ferret out the deals from the spam.


@theoneill555: Although I posted earlier in a different thread that I really liked the new collapsing feature, I had not realized the consequences of the feature until @perkalicious11 pointed them out. Really good deals will go unnoticed and even more duplicate deals will appear. The feature almost discourages posting more than one deal every 24 hours. We all want our deals to be shared. The collapsing feature may have the opposite effect.

On the other side, it may corral all of the catalog-dumping vendors and lighten the fresh page load.

We'll just have to wait and see. In the mean time, folks who are true assets to Deals are riding off into the sunset. :(


@lavikinga: I'm having mixed feelings now, from what I see it should discourage posting more than one deal an hour (or longer at slow times).

After a few hours if you submit something else it will bring your earlier deals back to the front page for those that expand the +, for longer viewing time.

It certainly works as a visible Spam reducer but there might be other ways to accomplish that without these side effects :-\


@lavikinga: I still haven't made up my mind how I feel about collapsing on the deals side. I decidedly don't like it on the questions side. I like that it forces me to be discerning, but I dont' want to have to debate about when is the best time to share a deal. If it's good, it should be shared! If only the collapsing could apply just to newbies and spammers...?

You'd think if it's a flop, it'll be easy enough to undo the collapsing implementation, right?


@lavikinga: The collapsing feature has it's pros and cons. My comment is more on the fact that even though I was not here in the beginning and have only been active on deals since maybe the end of Jan, that the site has changed as it gets noticed by others (the physical change of the site, to me, is just evolution and as deals is still a baby, it will have to learn to crawl before it runs). When I first became active, there were not that many posts per day. Now it seems that (before the collapsing) there were over 18 pages of deals a day (some good, some very good, but the majority either unwanted or unnoticed). Sorry, just ranting.


y'all hijacked this post. :-(

I pointed out in another post about that consquence. Staff has said they are working on a solution for the duplicate problem, so no worries there I guess.


Wait... what??? @shrdlu is gone for good?

That's just not right. Not right at all. Who's next? @lavikinga? @hobbit? @mtrlgrl? @theoneill555?

This place just isn't going to be any fun at ALL anymore. I mean, granted, it's not a LOT of fun NOW. But you know what I mean.

It feels like it's becoming less and less of a community and more and more of plain-ol' deals site like any other. I don't know. It had a lot of promise, but maybe this is the fate of all community-driven deals sites -- to become carbon copies of one another in content and function. Or to fill up with shills and spam and worthlessness.

Ah well. I digress.

@shrdlu: I, for one, shall miss having a kindred spirit around. I hope you fare well wherever you've gone.


Best of luck to both @shrdlu and @catbertthegreat. You will be missed.


@hobbit: Not really a hijacking if you think about it. These new evolutions, I don't think she'll mind me saying, are some of the reasons she's decided to move on. It's become much less than a community now than it was even 3 months ago. These are just some of the reasons why both she and @catbertthegreat have chosen to exit from Deals. It stopped being fun for them.


I know and I am sad. Sad because it isn't fun anymore. Sad because the community feeling is gone. It is like a bunch of hooligans moved in and ran off folks, that is what it feels like to me. It makes me sad.


@hobbit: I think that the hooligans have always been here. They've slowly worn people down.

@lavikinga: Agreed.

@eneref: I'm next. For the summer at least. One final question about music & then we'll see what it looks like in September.


ok - not to take away from their reasons for leaving.. but seriously? grand departures?

Maybe i just don't get it.. maybe it feeds some sort of need to know that people care - i dunno... but its a little juvenile if you ask me. The only time i made grand exits were when i was a child, and needed the emotional reassurance and petting of the people begging me to stay, or telling me that I matter.

Now if i feel the need to do so - i simply leave. If i have anything very important to tell anyone - i send them a private message.

Again - not trying to poo on their reasons.. but i obviously just don't get why people need to do it this way.


@goatcrapp: There was no grand depature on @shrdlu's part. someone else started this thread. She made a few other comments elsewhere but they were not grand announcements. So really you don't know what or who you are talking about.


Hobbit - i resent that. Don't act like I'm some outsider, just because i don't happen to be as chatty as the little cliques that have formed here. That response is symptomatic of some of the other things wrong with this community.

I saw the other threads, and it was the exact type of departure i described. In two independent threads she mentioned her exit, that its not worth her (energy,time, etc)

Then one last jab in the bug thread - which frankly, amounts to a hill of beans - its a new site in the scheme of things, with a likely too small staff of developers, and a mountain out of a molehill scenario of small glitches, errors, and bug fixes being needed.

But of course, the predictable supporters crying blasphemy against anyone who calls it out.

You're right - I don't know what I'm talking about. For the record I actually like Shrdlu a lot. BECAUSE of the closeness of this community - i feel free enough to say i don't agree with the reasons nor the method.


Sigh. I'm gone for a while with family stuff to wrap up, and come back to this.

It isn't because of technical issues, is it?

/I haz a sad


you know being nice to people is getting harder to do. I don't get paid to be nice to people here. Yet I do it. I wish others would be nice to me back.


Damn, and I wanted flounder this weekend. Surely I could have posted a Thwack-worthy item.

I agree that this place has lost most of its fun quotient.


@goatcrapp: I respect your point of view, but I don't think everyone feels the same. I know I like to know if certain long time users are gone. If you don't like the info - don't read the thread. Seems easy enough.

I think this type of reply is what has frustrated so many of the long time users.

@hobbit: I appreciate your kindness. I have seen a number of your replies that have been worded MUCH nicer than I would have done it. It makes me respect you more. BTW same thing for @lavikinga & a few others.


@goatcrapp: I understand your point of view and as others have pointed out, this thread was not of her own making and she probably won't even see it. When she said "done" she meant it.
In this case, she only left a quick blurb on two or three active threads saying she was moving on. I thought that was a nice thing to do as she has been an integral part of Deals since it began. When active people no longer participate, many of us wonder what has happened. As shrdlu is an extremely private person, very few people have her email and she rarely answers or even reads any PMs on the other Woots.

So, yes, I see good-byes can seem a bit Drama Queen, but in this case I don't think it's deserved.