questionswhat is the cheapest digital photo frame that is…


buy a $30 junky one and wait for good ones to get cheaper, then throw it away. :)


@dzinermw: That link's not working for some reason in my reply and I can't edit or delete it, but it does work from the posted deal, so go there to access it.

Here's the name : Coby DP562 Digital Photo Frame for $27.99


that link worked for me, but it's showing $38.42 now.


I know its a little outdated, but I came across the question and had to mention a frame i got for my aunt/uncle for christmas... its from a company that's running through facebook called 'upsputnik'

heres a link:

they have 12" and 15" ...the 12 inch is 75 dollars (american) and shipping depends where you live obviously.

really good quality! promise!