questionswhat is a good and inexpensive xbox gaming…


there is a throat communicator that Mad Kats makes that works really well and sounds great for just Xbox Live chatting. $29.99

If your looking for a gaming headset that allows chat and game sound then check out the Turtle Beach Earforce X21's. A nice entry set.

I have TB's PX 21's and love them.


We use the xbox branded bluetooth headsets, and they work well if you're not rough on them.

Sometimes, after a few months of heavy usage, they can start to fail, but we buy them at Best Buy, who will do a quick in store swap, no questions asked.


@wickedd365: So does the Turtle Beach one plug into the controller? Or is it running from the unit?

@woothulhu: Do these charge off the USB in the unit?


@bund9032: Yes they do, synch is the same as with any wireless controller. One charge lasts several days for us.


@bund9032: With Xbox there will always be something plugged into the controller for voice chat, unless you get an Xbox wireless headset.
The Turtle Beach's are USB powered.