questionswoot made a boo-boo and gave me a $5 coupon, how…


Monkeys! Can't go wrong with REAL woot! monkeys. Plus, the monkeys ship for free, so you're getting $5 off, not just free shipping.


I second the vote for monkeys.

If you order the 5 pack with your coupon, you will get 5 monkeys for the screaming price of $1.40 a piece!


@theoneill555: sorry. being a monkey purist i have to say go for the seven pack. the more monkeys the better. and you still get five off. ok, so it is still 2.14 per monkey, but it's not a bad price.


OK, monkeys it is! I already ordered one of each set, but what can a second set hurt? They are super adorable!


You apparently made your decision already. I was going to suggest monkeys, but what do I know? I was at work.


@jsimsace: Uh-oh, maybe I should keep my options open a bit longer to see what other people suggest? I haven't used it yet....


@baybei: You should feel confident in your decision. Monkeys are a great thing and they look like a lot of fun. I know they were always my favorite animal when I would go to the zoo. Treat yourself tonight, buy the monkeys.


@davidhasselhoff: OK Sir Hasselhoff. I do love those monkeys. My cats, however hate them. (More fun for me, lol). I shall go purchase some monkeys. 7 pack of course! Where's KITT? I miss that car!


@moosezilla: I was just thinking "cheap monkeys". I personally have several 7pc sets on order :)


I vote for you to get the monkeys, long as you don't get MY monkeys. I'm trying to use my newest JW coupon for the 7-monkey set, but it's not working. Not meaning to hijack your thread, but could @Jumbowoot, @ThunderThighs, @Inkycatz, @pemberducky, or somebody tell me why it won't work? sniffles


@reginafilangee: Make sure you're using it on the account to which the coupon was emailed (if you have multiple accounts). If that's not it, go ahead and order and then email and ask them to apply it for you.


@thunderthighs: Yes, I'm a Woot anomaly and only HAVE one account, LOL. I'll try the email, thanks. Just haven't placed the order yet b/c I wanted to make sure there were no restrictions, but I don't want them to run out of monkeys before I get mine! :-)

Edit: Well, whadya know. It still wouldn't "apply" the code to the total, so I clicked the stupidly large yellow button to order at full price a YIKES server error. So, I went back to the main order page to start over. This time, it deducted the $5 before I placed the order. You must have magic. You are now officially my new favorite person named thunderthighs. :D


@reginafilangee: But I already got my monkeys. Now it's two 7 packs and a five pack. Yay monkeys! My poor cats will not be the same after this! giggles


Yay endless cat entertainment!