questionshow do you buy these deals?


Generally with a credit card. :)

In all seriousness, which one are you referring to?


@moneyhard2get your handle would seem to acknowledge the problem? Jokes aside, deals appearing on deals.woot are simply links to deals found at other stores so shopping logistics vary but you need to click through to the store in question.


You all are going to make me be the nice one aren't you?

deals.woot is a deals collector you need to click on the deal to buy one, from the linked retailer. I have a feeling though that you mean something on and you need to click on the 'I want one' button before the item sells out. Since there is currently a woot off going on you need to do it quickly because these deals can go quickly.


@moneyhard2get asked, "how do you buy these deals?"

Very, very well, thank you.*

*There was a time when I could recite every single line from Ace Ventura.

Oh. Look, honey, there's the hors d'oeuvres.


Gee hobbit thanks so much for responding with a good answer to this question.